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I was approached by a photovoltaic system (PHS) 2years ago

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I was approached by a photovoltaic system (PHS) 2years ago to see if I had any interest in purchasing such a system. I responded by saying I was mildly interested but I couldn't afford to buy such a beast and the only way I could afford to acquire such a thing was to go through finance. The company replied we have access to finance and could help. By agreement they sent a salesman. I asked a friend to be in the same room to witness what was about to be said by the salesman and me when he tyrns up. Salesman discussed the benefits and advantages of the system and drew a schematic of where the panels will be positioned on the roof on graph paper. He positioned the panels in position on the south facing flank of the roof as far away as possible from a shadow cast by a dorma window located on the roof. We then tried for finance. He asked many questions while filing in the finance request form. I had told the salesman that I had bad credit and a limited income due to my disability namely secondary progressive MS diag 1975. Also mentioned I had had a heart attack and suffered blood clots on both lungs 3yrs back and was taking medicine for all three. Ten years ago I was deemed 80% disabled. I am a 67yr old war veteran. He asked me to sign the finance form. In doing so I asked what if the request fails. He replied we specialise in getting finance for difficult cases and besides if it fails we have another company to turn to. He then turned to another form which he said had to be made out to order the equipment and asked me to sign. I refused because it sounded as though I was buying the system. He assured me that was not the case. He stated to make the point your really interested to the finance company its a good idea to put a thousand pound deposit down. I said ok but it must be refundable if the finance fails. He telephoned the information off of the finance document through to the finance company and put the phone down. He said they'll phone back when they've done their checks. A few minutes later the phone rang it was the finance company. They said the application failed. We were just about to wrap up when Mrs Morris the witness I asked to attend said I've known Mr Wheeler for 26 yrs as a one time neighbour and friend. She said I suggest I apply for finance and Mr Wheeler can pay me back. No sooner did she say that when she said hold it I can't do it straight away as I'm waiting for a re-mortgage on my house. Best we try when I come back from holiday in two weeks. Mrs Morris went on holiday. Two or three days later the PVS company phoned to say we are coming to fit the system but first of all the scaffolders will come to put safety barriers up. They will be with you in 2 days. The following day they turned up & asked 2 start a day early. I OK'd that and they went ahead to fit barriers. However they started throwing scaffolding poles up high to land on my flat roof extension. One person was already up there trying to sort tsh poles out. No protective boarding was laid over the surface to stop the loose stone chips on the surface from penetrating the felt when people worked on that part of the roof. Poles were still being thrown & i asked them to desist else they'll damage the flat roof. They finished the job and left. In the next couple of days the PVS installers came and started work straight away. I spoke briefly to the boss man of the team and asked him if the finance for the install had come through. He replied it's been authorised. Not really that happy I thanked him and went into the house. I rang the Head Office and asked if the finance had come through. Oddly they said the same thing it's been authorised. I phoned another department and yet again got the same reply. The team finished connecting up the system and handed me an envelope while saying good bye. I was not given any instruction how to operate the system nor where there any advice booklets. In the envelope was a receipt showing full payment had been made. I thought somehow the finance hd come through and I will expect they'll be in touch. Circa 3-4 weeks later I received a call from the PVS company asking when I was going to settle the balance. This was not what was agreed. I could only do this on finance but they insisted I pay. I had had suspicions all the way through that something was not right. My £1000 deposit for fiancé had now become £1000 deposit for system purchase and clearly no longer refundable. I instructed an independent solar system engineer to come and inspect the system just fitted to my house. He came and wrote a report finding numerous faults with the instalation. In th next couple of days it rained hard. Water came pouring in through the downstairs bathrm & also thro the ceiling of the adjacent rm. I reported the matter to the PVS company. They offered no help. Both rooms became unusable. My sky light was dented. On Monday we're in county court. Could u offer yr view on the case. Thx PW
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Clearly the photovoltaic system (PVS) company couldn't bothered to perform the task in hand professionally. They came to fit panels to my roof and found they hadn't got the right equipment so they fitted the panels in the easiest place irrespective of them never able to work properly. In short they couldn't be arsed. Please excuse the vernacular. In doing so they been extraordinarily successful at preventing the servicing of the valley of the roof (panel side of the dorma) as the panels are hard up against the dorma & in shadow most of the day. The system doesn't work properly and they've damaged my house unnecessarily. I've lost the use of one bedroom and a bathroom. On a rental basis in this area a room is £80/wk (conservatively) an en-suite £100/wk. The PVS company had no mandate to fit system to my roof and have effectively been storing their equipment on my roof at £20/day storage charges.then there's maintenance and security charges to consider £10/day. My legal team want me to accept the fit and pay for the panels. I am in deep despair and need proper advice as it would seem everyone wants the easy way out at my expense. Please help by giving sound advise.
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For now please let me know if this is listed for trial?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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