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C. Jo you answered my question regarding my son

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For Jo C. Hi Jo you answered my question regarding my son who was to be interviewed over selling drugs. That interview has taken place this afternoon and my husbsnd attended with him. We arrranged our own solicitor this morning tgey where good enough to
accommodate us even though the interview was tgis afternoon. The solicitor was unequivocal that my son should not answer questions during the interview and he answered no comment to all questions. I have a specific question i wanted to run by you. In interview
they asked a lot of questions about a premises they have searched and found drugs. You seem to have been quite right in saying that people further uo the ladder being watched has lead to my son being questioned. My son obviously answered no comment to all
these questions. My son tells me he has been to this place "loads" of times. Could they prove this with bna and finger prints or have i been watching too much CSI? The solicitor seems to think the evidence thay have so far isn't thr best but obviously they
are still investigating this. Thanks for your further help
I tend to agree with his advice. This is PWITs. There is no point in answering questions unless you can offer a defence or you have an innocent account.
It is possible they could prove he was there through forensics. It depends what they have. Forensic science is pretty advanced now and most 15 year olds are not very forensically aware so if he has been there a great deal then probably they would find traces of him there. I'm not sure that they would bother with that though. There is no real advantage to them in proving he has been there. It is not a burglary offence.
Also, it depends what they have. If they have just found DNA or prints on a moveable object like a bottle of coke then that really doesn't prove he has been there. If they have a fingerprint on an internal wall then that is fairly incontrovertible unless you can challenge the match. However, a lot of prints are not sufficient for a match. There needs to be 16 points in this country for a fingerprint match which is quite high.
The science of fingerprints is a complicated one though with challenges that nobody generally bothers to consider.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you - I would imagine he is not forensically aware but then I had no idea he had a secret life with criminals so what do i know! I am still in ah shock.Thank you for your help.
No, he will have left his prints and DNA everywhere.
There is no real point though in proving that he has been there unless it is said to be a growing factory. That is possible. If this is a cannabis house and his prints are on the tin foil then that could be a problem. It still doesn't really prove he is dealing.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There is no allegations of canadis growing this centres around the selling of MDMA (something I'd never even heard of) and cocaine.You have been very helpful I will come back to just answer and request you if needs be as this progresses
Whether or not he has been there is not likely to be a big issue.

It will just be a dealer's house. It is not even likely to be a crack den. They will just have been watching a dealer's house. If there are reconnaissance operations then they will have evidence that he has been there anyway but it doesn't really prove anything of itself.

Quite a few addicts will have been going there as well.