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I purchased a bunt out public house the ship and castle

Customer Question

I purchased a bunt out public house the ship and castle ashton vale rd. Bristol bs3 2ha then I was granted permission to demolish it to turn site into a car sales the Aston Auto Centre to this cost me approx. £200000 plus purchase price of site approx.
£200000 I had a problem with one of my leg joints so leased site out about 3.5 years ago tenant is still on site until term of lease expirers in about 18 months time when I purchased site in year 1998 there was a archway pedestrian entrance at rear of site
that was built in the then existing rear pedestrian entrance approx. 25 years ago by the then landlord Keith Cogan who ive been unable to trace up to date this entrance fence gate way that was put in place in the existing entrance when I refurbished site that
was passed and approved by planning dept. Has now been blocked by erecting another fence on instructions of company rep on behalf of company who recently purchased surrounding commercial Est recently who has refused to remove fence erected to block rear entrance
to my sales site there is more history I like to explain ref surrounding land of Est up to year approx.1994 the land to side of site not the land at rear where this entrance has been blocked was used for the then pub customers for many years to park there
cars when using pub going back to the 1950s I'm given to understand In about year 2004 this car park that was originally entered from the front of it then later it was entered from rear was blocked off by a security firm erecting a fence across the rear of
this existing car park to side of the then pub the application to do this I feel was illegal as it wasn't done by owners of car park land which on planning application it states it should be signed by the owners of land which it wasn't the security firm who
applied to erect this fence cant be traced council official explained as they went bust some years ago the landlord of pub at about that time in year 2004 complained as his customers had no ware to park there cars when using the pub he explained he was not
the freehold owner of pub to them only the licensee so he agreed for his customers to use the car park area at rear of site from 5 o clock in evenings up to 5 o clock in the mornings This rear car park area is on a long gone lease peppercorn rent hold the
land car park at side always was part of pub I'm told but it doesn't show as such on purchase deeds of mine this land was illegally claimed some years back by taking the deeds of unit ten some 5 units away drawing up a plan of car park at side of site and
registering all as car park at side of site as no.10,Ashton vale rd.bs3 2ha to try to explain more clearly if yourself can please access as follows on computer site (Bristol pinpoint local information) then click on top box to far left of page map that comes
up as to addresses then fill in site post code BS3 2HA click layers in box to right of page , then click drop down box underneath then click spot 1949 the 2005 back extra then click ashton auto centre line in box to left of page it will show you site today
and other plans of site going back to years in 1800s ive paid one solicitor £600 plus all he has done is send one letter and talk to me on phone to more less tell its a useless case for him to fight I then engaged a surveyor who suppose to be a specialist
in these matters all he has done is tell me the boundary lines of my site and boundary lines of Est not looked into history of this illegally claimed car park by submitting deeds of another unit and drawing up a new plan that was registered wrongfully at land
registry he has again said he will charge me £600 +vat for this so I am now going to email him to return the file I left with him re these matters CAN YOURSELF HELP ME IN ANY WAY RE THESE MATTERS ? I would prefer to talk to you on phone as I'm not that well
educated or that good with a computer I will wait to hear from you on these matters help me if you are able as these matters are unfair injust surly
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
please why have your company not replied to above email asking for advice by one of your solicitors on line I sent this above request two days ago paid fee of £38 on line to your company so why no reply your contact phone number I last spoke to your self's on 080818909070 this no. is now unobtainable the contact no. on your web site I cant get thru on(###) ###-####from uk here please help my phone mbl. *********** please ring me I am awaiting your call right now 12-48/on -12/10/2015
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you.
Thank you!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no I do wish to have a honest ,aware legal adviser to advice what action I can take to correct these illegal matters that have taken place by land grabbing profiteers over the years Authority at Bristol Avon here in the U K is not exactly corrupt apart from we will scratch your back if it keeps things undisturbed as to previous occurrences that doesn't effect those in authority here in Bristol taking recorded event as to illegally claimed land as factual local solicitors ive found see things the same as if some are above the laws of u k when it comes to professionals wrong doings by closing there eyes so to speak when it comes to looking at factual evidence this is why ive contacted you centre to try to engage a honest legal adviser who is not out to scare me off by charging extortionate fees for doing almost nothing I.e. First I consulted a solicitor when tenant on my site complained about a existing entrance at rear of site being illegally fenced off I say illegal as I have photos of a arch way that where taken by surveyor when I first purchased site in 1198 that was later taken down when permission was granted for site to become a sales site with a new gate ,fence erected at that time within this existing rear pedestrian entrance that the archway was built within this then existing pedestrian entrance by the then landlord of the pub on site at that time Keith Cogan a ex police man that was 25 years ago I'm told he's a taxi driver today or was as he may be dead as he would be about 70 years old plus as I new him 45 years ago the land lord of pub after him was a fellow named martin who up to last was landlord of another local pub he left pub on my the then Ship and Castle in year 2005 he confirmed to me vior his mobile phone no.(07802907738) about two weeks ago the pedestrian entrance was in place at time he become landlord of Ship and Castle pub 10 years prior to him leaving pub in 2005 approx. I under stand he left due to him not being owner of freehold only the licensee when existing pub car park at side of pub was fenced off after a illegal application was submitted to planning by a security firm that since have gone bust ive been informed by council official to erect a fence which they did to block existing car park off at side of the then pub that had been used as such up to 45 years ago at least to my knowledge as I was a customer of pub at that time when the existing car park was fenced off blocking access to it the customers of pub where told by representative of Est around my now site that they could park there cars in the lease hold pepper corn rent car park at rear of site when entering pub through this existing pedestrian entrance that has now been blocked off when they needed to park there car before entering pub as parking is limited in the area I'm willing to pay solicitors fees to correct these matters but I'm fed up with local solicitor who said he would charge me £75+vat to write a letter to company reprehensive who gave instructions to block existing entrance off also he agreed to add document to existing lease for tenant for £150 including vat as compleat payment for doing this which tenant agreed to pay him for I also spoke to this solicitor on telephone a number of times that he told me on more than one occasion I would not be charged for he then disappeared on holiday for two weeks and sent me a bill for £680 due to this I recently engaged a surveyor who specialises in neighbourly issues who I instructed to trace historical history of true ownership of both these car parks at side and rear of site he told me he would charge me £600+vat to do this he now has phoned me to tell me where my recorded boundary is re my purchase deeds that where taken when police searched my house unlocked my locked desk then took deed folder that was later returned about two years ago when I untied this folder recently I found my purchase deed was missing but as I inform him I do have knowledge/copy of purchase deed plan of site he's also obtained copy of purchase plan of hole Est as to when the surrounding Est was recently sold which was sold including these car parks illegally claimed land all these car parks can be viewed including my sales site on line as set out in my last email vior Bristol pinpoint local information at Aston Auto Centre
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
POST CODE BS3 2HA this most recent surveyor agent now acting for me has not took my instructions as to tracing historical history of surrounding illegally claimed car parks land surrounding Ashton Auto Centre in any way but is now instructing himself to just run up bill to me I say this as he instructed me he would send me a written copy of emails to me as I explained he no need to do this as I can print copy of his emails if I wish Please help me engage a knowledgeable honest legal advisor S.A.P.
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
We will continue to look for a Professional to assist you.
Thank you for your patience,
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
I apologise as we have not yet been able to find a Professional to assist you. Do you wish for me to continue to search for someone to assist you or would you like for us to close your question at this time?
Thank you for your patience,
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
Please understand it is rare for us not to be able to find the right Professional to assist our customers. We can close this question and return your good faith deposit to the original funding source on request.
Please let me know how you wish to proceed and again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
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