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I would like some advise on some slanderous statements made

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I would like some advise on some slanderous statements made against my wife.
A couple of months ago my wife had some unpleasant comments made against her, she was told by mutual friends of these comments,which eventually were acknowledge by the offender and she subsequently apologised and my wife with reservations decided to forgive and forget.
They both work at the same company and sadly an atmosphere continued, my wife tried to settle the situation but to no avail. Various other comments were made to my wife, this time face to face but with my wife's reassurance at work that all should be okay there was no change in the atmosphere.
Then without warning the offender started contacting all our joint friends with slanderous lies that my wife was accusing a joint friends daughter of some unspeakable actions. Unfortunately the mother of the accused daughter in question will not repeat what was supposed to have been said as it was so unpleasant, therefore my wife has been unable to defend herself. Her very good name up until this point has created, doubt in her friends minds and leaves her with no course of redress.
Could you advise me of the best course of action for me to take as my wife is so badly effected by this that she cannot sleep at night and has very tearful moments throughout the day. As you can imagine this is completely upsetting for me to see my wife in such a state.
Yours Sincerely
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. You mentioned that your wife and this person are work colleagues?
Do they have a relationship outside of work?
Where issues have arisen at work has your wife raised a grievance?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


My wife did have a relationship outside of work with this person, but not any more.

She did not raise a grievance to avoid more problems.

Ok are the comments mainly made at work or outside of work? Who are the comments being made to?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

There are work related comments at work to my wife and to one other person who works with her with the unpleasant atmosphere continuing.

But the main problem of slander is mainly outside of work to all her friends that are associated with the mother of the offended daughter.

Does your wife have any idea why she is doing this?
Do people believe these lies and is your wife likely to suffer a financial loss as a result of this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

There are two main reasons for the continuing work grievances.

My wife ask a question with regards ***** ***** to be administered to a patient who was in pain. She said she was asking for clarification as she had been given a different explanation by someone else.The response was extremely aggressive saying you don't believe me and you are calling me a liar, my wife denied this and gave the reason that it was part of her requirements to know for certain with the patients care being her primary concern.

The second related grievance was that some workers did not want to have to work an extra hour (which meant a 13 hour shift) because she would be coming in late on certain days.

It does appear that some friends are not sure what to believe, as the saying goes, throw a little dirt and some will stick. Others are of the mind that her behaviour is nothing short of childish and my wife should ignore her, but the horrible statements that my wife is accused of are supposed to be so bad that I believe it needs to be sorted out.

There is no financial loss incurred.

Is it correct to say that the issues outside of work have stemmed from these work related issues? How long has your wife worked for her employer for?
HI I've just seen your other question, you don't have to rate yet as I haven't given an answer.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

My wife has worked at the care home for 14 months.

Ok thanks for the information, it is a difficult situation as it appears to be work related at the root and as such if she is going to take action it should be via her employer.
The slight difficulty as far as this is concerned is her length of service as with less than 2 years service she has reduced employment rights.
I would advise her to raise a grievance via her employer with regards ***** ***** treatment of her colleague I would suggest she says to the employer that whilst some of the incidents have occurred outside of work they are connected with work as it is a work issue that has caused the original problem. She should say that this continued issue is affecting her health and safety as it is causing her considerable stress and worry.
Hopefully the employer will then investigate and, at the very least, ask the person to back off.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you Jenny, I will give this advise to my wife and hopefully the problem can be rectified. The only problem then is the slanderous statement that is causing my wife's good character to be smeared.

The problem is that unless a financial loss is caused there is no point in trying to sue her because you can only sue if there is a financial loss. I think this is best resolved via the employer.