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Hope you can help me please passed 10 or so years,

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Hi hope you can help me please
for the passed 10 or so years, I have been appointee to my partner's mother-in-law, and taken care of ever thing, even though she as 2 sons. they have never question anything we have done. The lady has now gone in to a nursing home, and they have to help to ward the payment for the home. I said I would hand over the money to them. Now they are asking for all the paper work every little receipt over the last 10 year. but most of all they want me to hand over the pension and post office paper work, but her pension was paid in with mine so it has on it how much pension I get and my reference number on it, and I am not happy for them to see this. I have been told by one of the bill we paid for her that we was to keep all paper work for 6 years as we had paid it so there for we responsible for them. Her son said he would take me to count could you tell me were we stand please
thank you Mrs K. Perrey (Katie)
Strictly speaking in these situations it is always best to keep all of the paperwork - the explanation of 6 years is basically that when people sue people they can only in most cases go back 6 years for limitation purposes. If you do not have the paperwork you do not have the paperwork - your explanation seemed very clear from what you have written above. I would really recommend sitting down with them over perhaps a mediation to try and resolve the issue - the court it does not appear is going to overly criticise you under these circumstances - I rather think they are being a little pedantic. Happy to discuss - please rate positive
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