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I have to pay £310 to the people that bought my house,

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i have to pay £310 to the people that bought my house, which i am fine with, as it was part of the agreement. however, i am stuck with the worlds crappest solicitors who made so many things go wrong.
due to them they have allowed the buyers solicitors to retain £1000 of mine for the bill and, are trying to get more. this stand off has been going on since 10th august. i am not willing to pay more as, 1 i dont have it and 2, that was not the agreement.
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Can you provide some more information please
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
when i put my house up for sale there was a large pile of rubble down the side of it. it was agreed with a company called bin and gone, that they would charge £350 to remove it. it would happen after i moved house, so i could use the sale money.
on the day of my move, my buyers solicitors said they would not let the sale go through unless my solicitors retained £1000, so i was forced to do this.
on top of this now, bin and gone have changed their minds on their quote and, blanchards and bailey (buyers solicitors)are trying to keep my £1000 for themselves. meanwhile my solicitors either do nothing or make things worse. to get to the sale of my house, they had lost my title deeds, could not produce a correct financial statement andthen sent my sdlt to the wrong account, so it looks loike i have not paid that either. i have recently been in hospital with the stress of all this . it triggered an asthma attack and i almost died. i have moved into my new house and this situation is still not resolved. Please help.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ps, i have already paid the new owners £40 in cash, that is why the bill is now £310.

Ok. I see. You need to see what is in writing between your solicitors and the other side as to what was formally agreed on the basis of this £1000 and £350. If it is not set out clearly then your solicitors may be negligent - you may wish to also consider a complaint to the legal ombudsman.