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Bought ford transit from a trader 14 9 15 as driving home

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bought ford transit from a trader 14 9 15 as driving home windscreen wiper not
working next day took vehicle to local garage to get it fixed while at the garage
garage owner called me over to look at vehicle chassis in terrible state and tow bar hanging
on with rust holes in chassis driver step into vehicle underneath filled with foam shocking
state got in touch with trader got heap of verable should not have sold vehicle at all it
needs to be scrapped where do I stand legal I paid 1300 for it thank you
was it from a dealer?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes it was from a dealer

Then yes, where you buy under a a car dealer the sale comes under the scope of the Sale of Goods Act which states that any item you buy from a Trader must be:Of satisfactory qualityFit for purpose, andAs describedThe dealer is legally obliged to sort out the problem if it fails to meet these basic requirements.The vehicle basically must be of satisfactory quality, which means that the vehicle should be of a standard a reasonable person would expect, taking into account factors such as: age, value, history, mileage, make, durability, safety and description. The dealer is liable for faults with the vehicle - that means it was not of satisfactory quality - that were present at the time it was sold even though they may only become apparent later on. The dealer should if possible put right the defects - if they refuse then you should write formally giving them say 7 or 14 days for your money back or for tim to remedy the defects - if they ignore or do nothing then you can take an action in the small claims court for the money back - you can do this online at rate positive
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