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My partner is serving a 8 month sentence of a restraining

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My partner is serving a 8 month sentence for breach of a restraining order. ( he sent a facebook request to his ex partner) He pleaded guilty and has now served 10 weeks of his sentence. My question is: Could he be released and tagged? He has applied but not been notified of a decision and if he serves half the sentence will he be sent to a bail hostel until his sentence is served? Thank you.
He can apply but realistically it may be academic. He will be released at the four month point anyway and he is almost there. It is possible that he could be considered for home detention curfew but, in truth, it isn't an offence that would be particularly likely to lead to this outcome. He is already subject to a restraining order which he has breached. I know the reality of these things is that they are very easy to obtain and usually used by women to control their partners but it is difficult to get a court to accept that. Sorry but that is the reality I'm afraid. Can I clarify anything for you? Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for the response to my first question, but I didn't get a reply to the second query. If my partner serves half his sentence ( 4 months) would he be then sent to a bail hostel to serve the other 4 months? I ask this question because in trying to find information on the Internet it seems to imply that people with a sentence of 12 months or over can be sent to bail hostels but doesn't state anything about people who have a lower sentence than 12 months. We are aware that he will have to have a probation order but hope he doesn't have to spend time in an hostel.

Thank you.
you have left a negative rating. I will be happy to continue with this if that was a mistake.
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It is as I have said really.
He will be released automatically at the halfway point. He will be subject to licence then but usually free to go home.
People can be released early either at a bail hostel or otherwise on HDC
Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you