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I am divorced from my husband whom gave me 10;000 by cheque

Customer Question

I am divorced from my husband whom gave me 10;000 by cheque by way given from his father , I was still with husband at this time but my head had gone as we had just buried are 15yr old son ian tragically from a fall . I had to get away from liverpool and kept going over to turkey were my sister lived . I was just trying to hide from all teenage boys whom were his friends . My husband was actually having an affair at this time and fraud end me in to pretend divorce gave me 10.000 and even gave me lifts the airport telling me u go spend time with your sis . He was getting me out way we was still together . Time goes on anyway after a hard hurting life I've just woke up and decided to take him to court for half of everything , only because the way he treated my daughter and fab 3 grandsons she gave us after our son being killed also I have moved 14 times from flat to flat struggled and tried to do away with myself so many times . But my children I can't leave them . Anyway I don't remember signing my complete home and assets over to him in fact I no I never since getting in debt to pay solicitor 600.00 to act for me as I no in my heart his girlfriend has forged my signature and I've signed nothing with no solicitor or judge e.t.c solicitor informed me that they only keep papers in archives for so many yrs and these r now destroyed I've never heard of this . There is a lot more to this story about his pension his houses his bank accounts in different names him being on sick fir 30 or more yrs and to walk away cozy bragging when I'm still paying the 600 bk to my family . There should be legal aid for us women in my position to fight back and get the truth . Since burying my son material things mean nothing to me and I just ask god for help . I just want revenge to be able to help our daughter whom works 50 hrs a week and my grandsons whom we r so proud of x pls there must be help Eden if I gave to pay but would gave to because little each week .i do believe that god will make this gasp pen threw whomever it takes xxx mary byrne sent from daughter maria
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
When was the divorce?