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HiI took out business contents insurance with Nat West it's

Customer Question

I took out business contents insurance with Nat West it's my second year with them. On the first quote I gave all my details and at the end just before completion I mentioned can I have my husband and son working with me at the time to be authorised to talk on my behalf if I wasn't available the other person said no problem. As now a days when you make a call it's the named person only to talk I just wanted to overcome that. We didn't all need to be on the same policy. As we agreed on this I signed for the proposal and not noticed they were even a policy holder also.
Our conversation should be on their system
I renewed the policy again this year thinking there are no changes back in July.
On the 22 September we had a fire in the kitchen caused by counter top fryer forgotten to be switched of over night with its lid closed by a temp cleaner. This was noticed by a temp staff walking in the shop at around 8 am he approached the smell area and took off lid and switched on the fan!! Unfortunately that ignited the hot oil. Firefighters was called.
I say temp staff as we went to my sons wedding abroad. And it was that day the 22 when I was ready to go back to work.
I made a claim on the insurance. And they have just got back to say. That there is discrepancy between the information I have provided. My son when he was 17 unfortunately mixed with wrong people and was in prison for 2.5 years but convicted 5 years (robbery of mobiles) my husband had motoring conviction.
But these people were not suppose to be policy holders anyway.
Also it did not even occur to me to mention upon renewal it did not seem relevant..
I had a person calling into the shop a while a go regarding they do Rates reduction at first I agreed by the door and then in a week I called them to cancel the application as I was told there is 2 week cooling off period. They didn't cancell and I stopped responding to their pay demand. I didn't even know there was court judgment made on me regarding this.
I need to get back to my insurance but I don't know how to please help
Many thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
To be clear they are cancelling the insurance on the basis of these convictions?