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Alex, this is Donald again. I have returned the

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Hello Alex, this is Donald again. I have returned the Acknowledgement of Service. Do I now wait for contact from the courts or do I have to forward to the Judge and the claimants solicitor, without delay, details of my rebuttals of this claim with all
information as to why (including photo-copies of all cheques paid legitimately plus the fraudulently drawn cheques also) along with e-mail transcripts sent by the claimant admitting obtaining money from his fiancée at the time (my daughter), to pay for goods,
that he is now 'billing' to myself as money owing, plus other questionable major discrepancies that I know about ( but I believe his solicitor does not know about) the date of service to me on the claim is 9/10/15? Regards Donald.
Hello and thanks for asking for me.
You send the form back to the court and the court informs the solicitor you have filed it.
You can then file you're defence.
Does that help?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, I have, as stated in my question to you, sent back the A.o.S. My question was do I have to send any other information (my defence) to the claimants solicitor and the court for the judges perusal ( that I will be presenting to court at the hearing), before the closure of the 28 days from service of the claim? Issue of the claim was made 9/10/15. Regards Donald.
No not at this stage.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. At what stage must I submit to the court and the claimants solicitor the details of my defence that I will be presenting in court in answer to the claimants charge, (do I await the courts instructions, even though the filing of my defence passes the 28 day time frame from claim service) and is it accurate that I must divulge all objections and charges, queries etc. to the claimants solicitor and the judge presiding, otherwise, if I do not, and raise an objection, or query, or any other information I have, without informing them previous to the hearing ( judge and claimants solicitor) it will be ruled as inadmissible? Regards Donald.
You need to file your defence within 28 days. But you don't file the evidence until the court orders you to say so.
That is several weeks away,
Does that help?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Alex. Is the returning of the A.o.S. recognised as the filing of the defence or do I have to inform the court and the claimants solicitor ( in writing) that I intend to offer evidence when requested (by the court) to the court and the claimants solicitor thus, " I intend to defend this claim as many details offered by the claimant, in his evidence are grossly inaccurate", within the 28 days time scale. Then await court directions. Regards ***** ***** thank you for your help and patience.
No. The defence is a separate matter from AOS. You need to file a formal defence. You don't need to tell C you are defending the claim but must file the defence documents within 28 days of service.
Does that help?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** I file my defence with all the evidence available counteracting the claimants charge to the issuing court, or simply refute the claimants main charge and await the courts request for more information (evidence) as you have indicated above. Are there documents to be forwarded to me (defence document) from the court for me to fill in that I am not aware of, yet? This is the first time I have been taken to court in a dispute such as this and I am not familiar with the process or protocol therefore I need as much information as possible. Regards Donald.
Yes you file a defence. The court will ask you for evidence in due course.
Does that help?
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