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I am a Chinese, I have rented an apartment in Bath with expiry

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I am a Chinese, I have rented an apartment in Bath with expiry date on 15 November 2015. I met the Property agent in September and she asked me to return the apartment to her as soon as possible for an urgent repairing work to fix the leakage and she promised to refund to me any excess rent because I told her I paid the rent up to 14 October 2015. As we have moved to Cardiff, we have returned the apartment to the Agent on 8 October with vacant possession and with a covering letter confirming the surrender. Yesterday the Agent told me that I had to pay rent until 15 November. She also said she was at the apartment yesterday and found a lot of damages and she would carry out a checkout inspection tomorrow.
Questions: I disagreed to pay rent until 15 November according to her verbal promise. If that is not valid, then am I still the official tenant of the apartment until 15 November? Should she have the right to enter the apartment without my permission? If I want to make a complaint to a Government Authority in this case, which department can I contact?
Did the agent agree for you to surrender the apartment early?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Verbally on 24 September, not written
The starting point is that in law your contract runs until 15 November. You would need to pay unto that date and be allowed to stay there up to that date. So you can go back into the property. If you say they agreed for you to leave early there there is a dispute (it would appear) between them and you as to the veracity of this or otherwise. I imagine that they deny say this. You do not have this in writing. It is thus a contract dispute - which if it can not be sorted amicably could end up in court. It is not about complaining to a government department in these circumstances. Happy to discuss but please rate positive.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
When I returned the keys to the Agent on the 8 Oct together with a surrender letter, so I didn't have the key to stay in the apartment. Being a professional agent, should they reply to me that they would not accept my early surrender and return the keys to me? They keep the keys and then entered into the apartment without my permission, this is unprofessional, what position can I take?
If you surrender then they do not have to remind you that you are still liable - I personally think that they should but they are not liable to because of the contract. It is very annoying - Again as you have surrendered the flat I imagine they will suggest that they were allowed to go back into the property. I would suggest to them that you want the keys back now if that is your view. Please rate
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