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My neighbour seems to have become obsessed with things he imagines

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My neighbour seems to have become obsessed with things he imagines I have done and nothing I can say or do can make him see otherwise. I have twice now experienced a situation where I have been afraid of him physically harming me (I am woman, living on my own). The last time was this week when he came to my door to deliver a letter, which accuses me of all sorts of ridiculous things. When I invited him in to discuss things, he started ranting and raving at me again, such that I was shaking with fear when I closed the door on him. He knew my partner who sometimes stays here would be away for a week when he came round. He says he is keeping a record of my 'misdemeanours' towards him. I am at a lost as to how I should deal with this absurd situation.
It appears that you have been very reasonable and accommodating. You have a couple of options - do nothing and hope he just calms down. The second option would be to get a solicitors letter and put him on notice that you consider his recent actions to be a harassment - that you do not want to take any further action but put him on notice that if he continues in such a fashion then you will. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you. I was thinking I would like to have a solicitor write to him along the lines you suggest, so was interested to hear you suggest it. As part of doing so I would also like to have on record my responses to his accusations. Is that something that a solicitor would include in such a letter? How much would this cost?

Yes that is completely something a solicitor would do in such a letter - I think you would be looking for about a £100 and would be the kind of thing a local high street solicitor would do for you. I hope this helps. Please rate positive
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