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I am returning to the UK . I was born in UK in 1940

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I am returning to the UK for good. I was born in UK in 1940 and have UK birth certificate. I am traveling back to UK on my Australian passport as I have dual nationality. Last time I entered UK at Heathrow airport I was stopped from entering until an officer in a back room checked his database o find that my last British passport expired in 1997 and he let me enter as I have right of abode.
At 75 I am just worried that they will find some problem to stop me re-entering my own country. I have my British birth certificate with me and change of name documents too. Should I enter as a British citizen on my Australian passport and just explain to the immigration officer like last time? Oh yes, I should mention that I am returning through Edinburgh as I am planning on living where my ancestors came from in Caithness.
Thank you for your question.
If your remain a British national there is no reason why they won't let you in whether Edinburgh or anywhere else. However, if you are worried about it there is no reason why you can't apply for a UK passport anyway. But you don't need to as you've already seen from th last time.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. Your response confirms my own view but I have had Australians who are doom and gloom merchants who ask me "How do you know they will let you in?" To that I simply tell them that I was born in the UK and have previously held a number of British passports even though the last time I entered the UK I did so on my Australian one. But thank you for your response as it has confirmed my own view that as I am a dual national and held a British passport up to 1997, I should have no problems with re-entry. Thank you.