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My husband and I had joint will's held by the same solicitor.

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My husband and I had joint will's held by the same solicitor. My husband died 5 months ago and only recently did the solicitor pay out the minor bequests to his first family. I keep leaving messages at the solicitor's firm for him but he doesn't respond. I am severely disabled otherwise I would go to his office. As the major beneficiary of his will I am concerned as to why the matter is being delayed. I have asked for a gross figure at the time of George's death and a nett figure now the bequests to his first family have been paid.
I am 78 and in ill health so it is essential that I update or write a new will of my own. Naturally that cannot be done until his estate is settled. My brother suggested that I having written (recorded delivery) to the solicitor several times without response, perhaps I should consider a complaint to the Law Society. Thank's Maureen
Hello I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
It sounds like you are being mistreated,. You should write to him stating that you want to make a formal complaint and wish to use their complaint's procedure. All solicitor's firms are required to have a complaints policy.
You should warn him that you will report him to the Solicitors Regulation Authority if you do not hear from him within 7 days. If he doesn't respond then complain.
A request to make a formal complaint + a threat to bring on the STA is usually enough to improve the service.
If you follow this link to the SRA there is information about how to complain. The SRA is more effective than the Ombudsman so it may be better to apply to them despite what the SRA state in this link.
I hope this answer is helpful but please feel free to ask further questions. I would also be grateful if you would rate my answer.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help. As my sister Maureen lives in Dagenham (and isn't computer literate ) while I live in Shropshire, it was necessary for me to go there to get her instructions. She was delighted with your response when I read it to her over the phone last night and will follow it up. I also mailed her a copy today.
Thankyou very much and I wish you all the best with this.