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Our daughter was born in London on the 10th of December 1982.

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our daughter was born in London on the 10th of December 1982. She is a british citizen, my husband is american and I am eu( italian) can this affect positively our application for permanent residency? We are also expecting a grandchild who is son to a british citizen and to our daughter who has resided in the UK since 91 but like us never asked for permanent residency.
How long have you lived in the UK for and what have you been doing during your time in the UK? What visa if any is your husband currently on and how long has he lived in the UK?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we lived here since 1991 when my husband a US lawyer was attending London Business School for his MBA which he got in 1993 then we remained in the UK. I got a job in the civil service before I wasa university lecturer. I started in 1998 and got a volontary redundancy in 2014 june with a redundancy package equal to 14 months pay. I got a carer's break of five years but my contributions were paid and I was considered in employment. I came back to my job in 2008 and only left it for good last June. After that i was in between jobs and actively looking for employment in January I took a course which I finished in June with React from Career Wales. It is a eu funded programme for people that are made redundant to help them hone their skills to find employment, My children all went to school in theUK except for a afeww years during my carer's break when they went to school in Italy. My daughters have both got degrees from Cardiff on and from reading the other and both have aGDL from Guildfor Law college. My son Andrew is goingto to university in London doing architecture and my son William is home schooled at the moment. he is 14. My oldest son also went to school in the UK, but did not go to University. He attended a boarding school in the UK. My daughter Claire is British,US citizen and Italian citizen and is currently living in Italy, but she is our dependent because she has not secured a job there she is tutoring privately only. All my other children are dual nationals. My husband after a good career in business is a free lance translator and is now translating a book for the University of California press. I helped him out with this also whilst looking for employment. The contract is in his name of course, but I give my free expertise as a native speaker of Italian. i do free lance translations too, but not recently, have done this in the past. I am looking for temporary work in offices and would like to be a lecturer at University again. I taught at King's college Universuity of London and UCL between 92 and 94. I was a university lecturer in Italian also in the USA, univerity of Madison wisconsin. I am still looking for employment, but did not sign in with job seekers.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Claire of course is also a USA citizen like the others, but is the only one who is also british.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My husband is here as a family member of a EU national working or seeking employment in the UK.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
my husband lived in the uk since 91 to
2003 then we both left because of my mother's serious illness after that i got a careers break which was changed to carers leave and returned to my employment in the DWP in 2008 September. My husband joined me in the UK in August 2009 and has been here since as a husband to a EU national. this is a renewed application after a 5 year residency permit stay with request for permanent residency. We pay all our taxes in the UK.
Thank you.
The main criteria for permanent residency is that your husband needs to have lived in the UK as your family member for 5 years or more and you should have exercised treaty rights in those 5 years.
From the information you have given, there is a good chance of him obtaining permanent residency.
All the best
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