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My tenants (who unfortunately also happen to be related to

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My tenants (who unfortunately also happen to be related to me) have left my home, stolen the keys, left the house insecure, left nearly £1700 of arrears, caused nearly £20,000 of malicious damage and stolen items that formed part of the inventory. The police seem to think suddenly this is a civil matter. They have interviewed them but released them unconditionally. I do not know if the tenants still have my property? The police took nearly 7 weeks to get a statement from me. I have used a track and trace service and know exactly where the tenants are now living. What else can I do please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My track and trace people have established that the tenants are not working. My insurance company have sent 3separate loss adjusters to the property who are contradicting each other about the damage. I have complained formally and contacted both the insurance ombudsman and the legal ombudsman because I have been let down by the legal team that were allocated to me via my landlords insurance. The direct complaints I have made are been handled dreadfully, hence me contacting the ombudsman. I have provided specialist reports and 3 independent estimates to my insurance company. Each estimate is around £16,500 to around £17,500 for the damages. At present we have been given a "without prejudice" payment of only £3,500 from the insurance company. They are stating the damage isn't malicious but "normal wear and tear" but we strongly disagree as the property has been very well maintained and last inspected in May this year. Wee do not agree that the property has disintegrated to such an extent between May and August this year! The loss adjusters were allocated via our insurance company and have been biased and whilst we thought they were allocated to offer a Neutral point of view it is obvious that this isn't the case. We are at the end of our tethers!! Health is taking its toll with all the stress. I just do not know what else to do?
I am sorry to hear about wha has happened. You need to write to them formally setting out what you consider that thy owe to you to cover your losses. You can then bring a claim in the county court for the money lost. If the sum you decided to seek falls under £10,000 (and I note that you seek presently a sum greater than this) then you can sue in the small claims court ( however if you seek a higher sum than you would need to sue in the civil court under the fast track. The significant difference is that you do not need a solicitor under the small claims court. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
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