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I have just been contacted by an ex-boyfriend who I have not

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I have just been contacted by an ex-boyfriend who I have not been in touch with for almost 25 years. We took out a joint loan when we were together. He is pursuing me for the total of 4,400 pounds. He made the monthly payments and paid the debt off so he says. As I remember when leaving the relationship. I paid in cash money to discharge the debt. I have nothing in writing to back this up as 25 years ago was a long time ago. I was shocked to receive an email from this man forwarded to my boss, the assistance boss and my present day husband of 21 years. He has called me a thief and has written to my boss 3 times. This is all very stressful and I'm so embarrassed to go into work on Monday. When I finished with this man I lived 5 miles from him and he never ever contacted me about owing him money. 25 years later he is contacting my employer and character assassinating me. He was very possessive and jealous and I think that he resents me to this day for finishing with him. Question 1 can he still chase mr through the small claim or any other courts? Question 2 how can I get him to stop contacting my colleagues and employers.
No he can not. You were correctly advised that these type of debts have a limitation of 6 years and as such you have a defence from such claims that the action (if such ever existed) is statute barred> In light of his actions I would be minded to get a solicitor to write formally threatening that this is harassment and put him on notice that you will not put up with such action. I hope this helps. Please rate positive
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