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My son was reversing his car into our drive. A lot of

Customer Question

My son was reversing his car into our drive. A lot of children play in the street.-I'm sorry to say as it is dangerous and very often the children are unattended.There are parks at the end of the street which are safe.
Back to my son. His car has warnings when reversing. There was a normal steady beep which suddenly became a loud screech-warning the car was inches from hitting something. He jammed on his brakes and saw our next door neighbours son collecting a football underneath the car!!!!!! A few more inches and the car would have run over him!!!!! His mother was there but said nothing. My son was shaken and lost his rag and swore at them. He should not have sworn but he nearly killed a child. Nice to have that for the rest of your life.
On Sunday a policeman arrived re a complaint and gave my son a warning re swearing to children!!!! My son's car has a video which backs up what happened but the policeman was not interested.Our neighbour has been a pain since she and her partner-no longer there-arrived with parties going on all night and music.I don't object to having fun and of course children have to play,it's only natural and yes when we were younger we held parties but made sure we did not make a noise after 11-12 pm. we took our children out or played in the nearby parks.Of course we were not saints but tried to make sure we did not offend. we and next door are in part by part rent-with Sovereign Housing-60% Us 40% and have several times had to go next door to complain. I even gave her a letter warning her of the unacceptable behavior made. I should have left it to the police and Sovereign Housing but by then her partner had left her and she had 2 children.I sort have felt sorry for her.Not anymore!!!!!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
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