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My grandson's terraced house foundations are being flooded

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My grandson's terraced house foundations are being flooded due to a mains water pipe leak from his neighbour 's property. He has arranged expert examination for his insurance company's benefit which will state that these conditions are seriously jeopardising the the viability of his property and even the other neighbours residing in the terrace. He worries that the owner of the property responsible for the leak maý be unwilling or even unable to have the necessary work carried out and which my grandson's insurers are not responsible for. What action would he need to take if this senerio comes to pass? He will be in touch with both his neighbour and his own insurers tomorrow as a matter of urgency. Any advice at this juncture would be most gratefully received.
The starting point will be to determine who is responsible for the damage to your grandson's property. If it is proven that it is the neighbour then the expectation would be that the neighbour would have insurance - the other alternative if obviously that it will be covered by your grandson's insurance. If the neighbour does not have insurance and he is liable then your son would need to bring a claim against him for the damages in the small claims court. If the judgment was not paid then your grandson would be able to seek to enforce the judgment potentially by placing a charge on the neighbour's property. So to reassure you at this stage there are quite a lot of options. I hope that this helps. Please rate positive.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Perhaps we can come back to you if necessary after he has spoken to his insurers and the neighbour tomorrow?

completely - best