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I was recently ejected from an aircraft. I believe that this

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I was recently ejected from an aircraft. I believe that this was unjust. I Suffer with severe anxiety and stress.
I was travelling alone from Cayo Coco in Cuba to Manchester on Wednsday of last week. I was sat in the airport lounge with a couple from Durham who I had met in the resort. I had a few drinks in the lounge which is sold by ***** ***** as many free drinks as you want. However I was NOT drunk. When we arrived onto the plane a Crew Member and the Captain spoke to us to advise that people had been complaining that we were causing issues in the airport, however not at any point had security at the airport or in the lounge that we should lower our voices or refuse alcohol. Infact for the last hour we were all drinking water.
The captain after referring one of the couple to the Doctor due to his diabetes agreed that we were safe to fly but refused to serve us alcohol on the flight. I acknowledged this and agreed that this was fine.
We sat down in out seats and were not wandering around the cabin or anything. We we were taxing to the runway I turned to the lady next to me and said to her, Thank god for that, because we were finally on our way.
At this point the cabin crew that was sat at least 4 rows ahead facing me said, right thats it fowl and abusive language you are off. I said but I didnt swear he said he didnt care. The engines were on and im sure he isnt a master in lip reading.
When the captain came to speak to me to confirm that he was not happy to let me fly I asked him if at any point during my 2 interactions with him that I had used any swear words, he said no. He said that the reason that he rejected me from the flight was that I was allegedy swearing.
Obviously at this point my stress levels were so high, I was a single passenger with a serious mental condition, cuddling 2 stuffed toys being taken from a plane being left in a country with a poor record of human rights.
I did refuse to leave the aircraft, I was not abusive and not aggressive, I was obviously in distress . When he asked me for my passport I refused to give it to him as it is my personal property and do not let it out of my sight. Eventually I did give it to him, he called security and I did leave the plane, I was not taken forcibly off the plane.
As I got off the plane I said to the cabin craft have a nice flight. He said what did you say, I said have a nice flight, he said what do you mean by that I said that I hope that you dont have a crash or anything. I was thinking of the film Final Destination. That was the only thing that I said that could have been offensive but I was already off the aircraft at this stage having the doors closed in my face.
The secutity lady gave me a big hug as she could see the distress that I was in. The head rep from the resort met me through the security gates and arranged to get e back to the airport. Although he could see how distressed I was and was aggitated but could see that although I had been drinking I was completly coherent and not drunk.
I arrived home to find that there has been a newspaper report in the daily mail, and this contains a lot of information that is simply not true. I says that i was northern, and I am from Birmingham, so this can only confirm that the bad launguage had been coming from someone that was northern of Manchester. That the captain said that I was sent to jail, which is simply not true either. So to sum it up, I wasnt swearing, I wasnt drunk and I wasnt endangering the aircraft in any way.
I have travelled with ***** ***** to that hotel for more that 40 times in the last 12 years so had over 80 flights with them. I have done a lot of work in the resort to help ***** ***** and their guests.
I believe that the captain made a decision made on flawed information and instead of investigating this fully.
My holiday that I had booked for the 11th November with my Father who is 75 has today been cancelled again at a cost to me as they are refusing that I ever travel with them again.
I want ***** ***** to reverse that decision, pay the cost of the extra for my flight extra stay and taxi to Havana, and compensation for the anxiety that this as caused. Although I was not named in the paper report I want a statement issued on there too.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Have ***** ***** banned you from travelling with them all together please?
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Do you have a number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes its 0121(###) ###-####/p>

Ok will call shortly.