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A friend of mine asked me to pay a cheque in my bank I paid

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A friend of mine asked me to pay a cheque in my bank I paid it in then later gave him the money £3700 two months later the bank took it out of my account made me overdrawn and told me cheque was a fraud. I have started paying £100 per month. The bank have closed my account. I am so upset as my so called mate knew it was a fraud. I am worried sick this will be on my credit file ive had a mortgage with this bank for 20 years. I suffer from depression and was getting better to return to work im trying not to get any set backs but this has made me ill. Thank you
I bet it did. This is not something which should factor in any difficulties for you and your mortgage, It is a separate issue and whilst I appreciate that you are paying the money back to the back - you have done nothing personally wrong - simply helping a friend. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive
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