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I came to the UK in the end of 2010 as a student.

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I came to the UK in the end of 2010 as a student. Ive been under student visa until June 2014 when i married my British partner. All the time we have been living together and we can prove that.
I now have my first spouse visa (2.5 years). which expired end of 2016.
I want to know which is the fastest way for me to get the British Citizenship ?
Can i apply for a ILR since ive been in UK more than 5 years?
Do i have to apply for another 2.5 year visa ?
Does my parter still have to prove that is earning more than £18.600?
Many Thanks
You cannot apply for ILR until you have spent 5 years in the UK on a spouse visa. That means you have to apply for an extension of your spouse visa for another 2.5 years and yes, the minimum income requirements must be met when applying for the extension.
At the end of the extension, you may apply for ILR and when you get ILR, you may apply for British Citizenship immediately assuming that you will still remain married to your spouse.
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks for your reply.

As I'm allowed to work, can I show that I can earn £18.600 or does it have to be my British partner?

Also, if my visa expires in December, how early can I apply to renew this visa ( i.e 3months in advance )?

Best Regards

You may also show your earnings, that is fine. It does not need to be solely for your British partner.

You should apply 28 days in advance, not earlier.

All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

How long is required to show proof of income for the second application (2.5 year renew) ?

Is it 6month or 1 year?

Best Regards

It depends. It is 6 months from salaried employment if employed for 6 months or more or 12 months for non salaried employment.

You will see this in section 7 of the FLR(M) form.

All the best, ***** ***** feedback
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