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I am to give evidence next week in the magistrates court. I

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I am to give evidence next week in the magistrates court. I am sick with nerves, the case is about a gentleman aged 30 + possessing pornographic images of my 15 year old son.
The witness care team cannot tell me if I will have to look at these images - obviously I would rather not given a choice. Can you tell me if I will have to see them please. Many thanks.
What evidence will you be giving?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

My son was reported missing one day last year ( he had called me to say he had an std , proof that he was having a sexual relationship with the older man I believed ) after that call he went missing- he was with the man concerned. Both of them were arrested - my son for a breach of the peace when the man was arrested. My evidence is regarding the statement I made at that time. An image I had seen on facebook , my sons requests for access to his savings acct so that he could get a flat with this man. He threatened to run away abroad if we contacted the police. His friend also said he was sending images via snapchat of my son performing oral sex on this man.

You probably will be shown that image I'm afraid. There isn't a way around it.It is not all that likely you would be shown other images unless you choose to sit in court afterwards although even then it would probably be copied for the jury rather than available to those in the public gallary. Some courts do have the click share sysmte where images appear on screen visible to all but not many.Sorry if that is bad news.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The image on facebook is not pornographic - but still unacceptable. The other 5 are I am led to believe - I really do not want to see those. Can I refuse ?

Not if you are giving evidence I'm afraid.
At least, you can refuse but it may damage the prosecution.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok - thanks for your advice.

No problem. All the best
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