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Not a duplicate. , I paid...

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hello I paid a landlord to rent his property. the deal was I was going to move into the property whilst renovation was being completed at the property: stage 1 - bathroon refurb - 1100 stage 2 - kitchen refurb - 1400 stage 3 - both kitchen and bathroom
completed 1700 a month I paid the landlord £200 in cash when I met him to secure the property Then on the 04 Sept I paid £2000 into his account with the reference RENT, however the bathroom was taking longer so I told the landlord I wanted to move in later
than the original agreement - he agreed with me Oct 05 I paid £700 the bathroom was completed, I ask the landlord to paint the doors and told him I was not willing to live in the property whilst the kitchen was been refurbished, he then told me he wanted to
increase the monthly payment and which point I told him I was not moving in, this was over a telephone conevresation and took place on Oct 16th. The following day I went to the flat to look at the completed work and the locks had been changed on the doors
of the flat not allowing me access into the flat. the landlord has not given me back my deposit, we did not have any form of contract everything was completed via a handshake, I suspect he did not put the money into a deposit scheme however I cannot be sure,
and I beleive it is illegal to lock tenants out of a property. What can I do about this situation. Can I expect to have all my money returned from the landlord. I paid 2700 into his bank account I paid 200 as cash I paid 90 to have the flat cleaned and I am
asking him to pay my expenses for all my running around Please help?
You are certainly entitled to your money back - he has acted in breach of contract - I would be minded to contact trading standards - but also to issue court proceedings for the return of your money - this can be done online at would write to him first putting him on notice of your intentions. Please rate positive
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can i expect all my money back or only my deposit?
I would expect you to get all your money back. Please remember to rate positive
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok I paid the first payment of 2000 on Sept 04, and I did not move into the flat, even though I agreed to move in whilst the work was being compelted becuase I was not happy living in a flat with work going onthe landlord is stating that I had access to the flat therefore the rent was paid - and the reference given for the moeny paid was RENT and not depositthen when the bathroom was completed I paid an extra 700 as per my agreement but I told the landlord I did not want him to refurb the ktichenhe then said if that was the case, the market value of teh property was 1650 and not 1400, and said I could stay if I paid the full rate rather than a redued rate due to ongoing workI told him on Oct 16th that I no longer wanted to live in the flat, even though I never moved in, but I had a set of keysthe following day I went to the flat to look at the work that had been compelted and the locks had been changed so I could not access the flat, I had his keys and his curtainscan I request all my money back1. I paid 2700 into his account
2. I paid 200 cash
3. I paid 90 for cleaning the flat with no recepitI want him to pay my expenses as well - really I am asking for 3500
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can i bring a civil case against this guy? or is these a legal case? and how do I do this? How long will it take and how much will it cost me? just some rough ideas would be very helpful thanks
It would be a civil case - in the small claims court - the cost depends on how much you are suing for - it takes about 3 months. I hope this helps - have a look at rate positive
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can you explain to me what in the law allows me to claim for all my money back plus more as I do not understand - I paid this guy rent to move in - I had the keys - I never moved in my stuff - why by law am I covered and he is not?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thomas I still have questions about this - this question is not meant to be closed - can you please answer the questions?
Because of the fact that you never moved into the property and you never signed a contract
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
why does that give me all the rights in thw world - I had access to the property all of the time for nearly 2 months - which law states this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I gace this guy 2700 - it went into his account - it had RENT on it - are you saying that I can ask for al of this money back - or can I expect my deposit back only?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can you please answer thesee questions?
Did you ever see a contract?