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I hired an immigration lawyer in Sao Paulo to assist with my

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I hired an immigration lawyer in Sao Paulo to assist with my wife's settlement visa application to come to the UK. Although the visa has been granted, Uk visas in Bogota spelled her name wrong on the passport vignette. My lawyer thinks that the matter is concluded and the balance of his fee is now due. I feel that we do not have a visa she can travel on so I'm not paying yet.
This was the agreement:
Our work involves:
- Advising you on the documents required.
- Checking the documents.
- Helping you write a sponsorship letter by providing you with a template and advising on your draft.
- Filling in all the forms.
- Making the appointment for Dayse to deliver the documents and have her biometrics taken.
- Providing a Solicitor’s cover letter explaining the situation and setting out all the documents being delivered.
My fee for advising and assisting you with the entire visa process is £1,100. My fee is payable 50% on confirmation of instructions and the remainder when the visa is issued. You are responsible for UKVI and NHS Surcharge fees (around £1,500) and other expenses, such as arranging for documents and translations.
If you decide to instruct me, as soon as you confirm instructions and make the initial payment I will send you a list of the documents and information required. Please note that I will need a certified copy of certain of your documents, including your passport.
Any advice please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
a little more detail...
We were initially alterted to the wrongly spelled name when we started getting notification emails from the visa application centre with the wrong spelling. We asked the lawyer if it would be a problem and were told it was just a typo and not to worry about it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
and just to be clear, the question is not about immigration. I would like to know if I am correct in saying that I do not need to pay the lawyer's bill yet.
If the name was misspelt by UKVI through no fault of the lawyer, the lawyer is due the balance of fees as the visa has been issued and it is not the lawyer's fault that the name was misspelt by UKVI.
However, if the name was misspelt due to the lawyer inserting the wrong name on the application form, you may argue that the lawyer should wait until the issue has been resolved to be paid his balance of fees.
Hope this helps
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