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I already have 6 points from april and may 2013

Customer Question

I already have 6 points from april and may 2013 for speeding and entering a one way the wrong way.
These two offences were about two weeks aart.
I have had a NIP for an alleged offence of travelling 85 on a 70 dual carriageway thanks to North yorkshire police. caught by a van parked in the hard shoulder. This was a fair catch and I was a about to complete the 172 notice and send off for my 3 further points. Date of office 08/10/15 nip date 0910/15.
However today (30.10.15) I have received another notice from the same north yorks for an alleged offence of doing 79 in a 70 dual carraigeway on the 24.09.15. Date of NIP is 29.10.15. I believe that the delay is due to me driving an hire car at the time and of this alleged offence and the original nip went to the hire company first. Again caught by a van in the hard shoulder of the dual carriageway. travelling the same stretch home from work
Obviously if there hadnt been over a month delay and I knew at the time that I was caught then I would have almost certainly not been caught on the 09/10/15 as I would have bee driving more cautiosly. Now it looks llike I could be facing a ban.
Is it worth writing to north yorks police to plead my case to them? and tell them that if there hadnt been delay on the first notice I would not have comitted the second. should i complete both 172 forms or just one and attach a letter? should i request photographs etc?
Or should i complete both forms and wait for a court summons and then have to go to court and plead a case.
I am commercial directors for a PLC and need my car for work. I also need my car for family, as they live over an hour away from me.
Please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Your obligation is to complete the S.172 notice. You can write to them and plead your case but the reality these are 2 separate offences. The only way out is going to be if they sent the original NIP to the hire company after 14 days.
You need to ask for this - but if they sent it within 14 days you are stuffed. You should complete both S.172 notices and ask for the original of the later one.
If it goes to Court you may be able to argue exceptional hardship not to be disqualified.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
I am just following up to see if there is anything else I can help with?
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Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
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