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I took some scrap gold to a jeweller and asked him to make

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I took some scrap gold to a jeweller and asked him to make me two rings.
Which he did and I was please with them untill I got home and wieghed them.
They weighed 6 grams (on my kitchen scales),
I had already weighed the scrap on the same scales at 71 grams.
The jeweller never mentioned the weight or anything about any scrap left over.
He weighed the rings he had maide on his scales and said they weighed 6.4 grams
I was charged £150 for the making of the rings.
Is there anything I can do about it.?
If you have any evidence to back your claim up that the gold was approximately 71grams, you should it to the jeweller as at the moment, it is your word against his and if the matter went to court, the burden of proof would be on you to prove that the gold was indeed 71 grams as you claim.
Ideally speaking, the gold should have been weighed by the jeweller at the time you took it and he should have clearly explained to you the charges and weight of the rings he would make out of the scrap gold. This would have avoided the trouble you are now having.
You may nevertheless go ahead and file a court claim against the jeweller for the return of your gold balance. He may change his mind and give it back to you father than going through the court process or he may choose to defend your claim in court especially if he believes that the gold was not 71grams.
I suggest that you write a letter to him, delivered personally if possible giving him say 7 days of the date of the letter to return the gold balance and informing him that you will take legal action if he fails to do so.
You may also complain against him to your local trading standards.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have a receipt dated 25/9/15 with my name & phone number saying..
Various scrap gold to melt down & re make into ring
draw up design.
When I got home that day I wrote 71gs on the receipt.
Also have written
27/10/15 12.30 2 rings 6 gs
27/10/15 told me gold weighed 34? grams
31/10 wouldn't talk about it
Thank you.
The problem is that it is your word against his, he has not agreed that your gold was 71grams and it was you who wrote the weight on the receipt, not the jeweller and you only wrote this on the receipt after you got home from the jewellers.
I suggest that you follow my advise above and take it from there.
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