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I am a UK citizen wishing to marry a Russian lady ( currently

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I am a UK citizen wishing to marry a Russian lady ( currently in St petersberg) who I have known for 6 years. She has had a number of short term UK tourist visas but doesn't hold one at the moment. We would want to marry in. either UK or Russia. But then seek permission for to come to UK to live in the home I own here permanently. We are both divorced . I can afford the necessary finance to support her without state financial help.
Can you advise what country would be best venue to marry and what papers I need to get her here?
Many thanks.
1. Firstly, the UK Border Agency rarely grants visas solely for the purposes of marriage. Such a visa can be granted but here, given that you have been in a relationship for 6 years, I would suggest you obtain a visa based on your relationship with her and then get married when she is in the UK. The visa can be applied for online here at You will have to show you have been in a relationship for two years and that you earn more than £18,600 per annum, or £22,400 if you have one child, and you need to earn £2,400 more for each additional child. Evidence of each of your divorces will also have to be shown. Evidence that you are engaged to be married should also be given. The initial visa would be for 2.5 to five years.2. Your other alternative would be to get married in Russia and then apply subsequently for a visa. The process is similar and the same forms must be filled out. So the choice really comes down to whether you want to get married before or after this lady comes and lives in the UK. You might find it better to live together in the UK and iron out any difficulties before you get married.
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