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Dear Solicitor I have an agreement with a MK Rapid Recoveries

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Dear Solicitor
I have an agreement with a MK Rapid Recoveries (Compello Operations Limited), which I have been paying monthly for a very long time, in an effort to clear an outstanding credit card debt. Last week I received a letter from Robinson Way Debt Collectors who have informed me that I now have to pay them. However my name is ***** ***** in their letter and I have a completely new reference number which is causing me concern. I called MK Rapid Recoveries and they say that this company is taking them over and the debt is now theirs. When I explained that my details were incorrect the lady seemed vague, saying it was a typing error. I have since read some very negative things online about Robinson Way.
My concern is; is this a genuine takeover by one company and will I be genuinely clearing this debt?
I welcome your advice.
Yours sincerely,
Leanne Chee-A-Kwai ***@******.***
1. Dear Leanne, you are worrying unduly here. It is not uncommon for one debt recovery company to take over another company. This is no way affects the discharge of your debt and so long as you continue to make the necessary payments, the amount owed by you will decline and ultimately expire. So, I would simply advise you to continue paying. This is not a scam or a hoax. Both are existing companies in this space. It may well have been that your debt was sold as part of the deal. Be aware that in law, once you make payment to the creditor's nominated agent, then you get a good discharge in law from your debt. Accordingly, once you pay the company nominated for payment, you cannot subsequently be pursued for the debt.
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