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I am going through the process of enforcing a CCJ via

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Hello. I am going through the process of enforcing a CCJ via a Charging Order. As part of this process I need to include proof of ownership documents from the Land Registry. I have looked at the Land Registry website in order to send off for the official
copy showing what the debtor owns. However it is not clear what form I should be looking for. Online discussions talk about "Deed forms" "Registry details" "OC1" and "OC2" forms. Can you clear up which form I should be filling in from the Land Registry in
order to prove the debtor's property ownership? Thanks.
The correct form you need to prove ownership is the OC1:
You need to complete the application and send it with a cheque for £7 made payable to the Land Registry.
Send to this address:
Citizen Centre
PO Box 6350
CV3 9L
Within a week you will then be sent the official copies of the register - which can be used to prove ownership in your case.
Kind regards
Positive feedback is gratefully received
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Caroline. Thank you for your quick response.
After looking at the form I have a few questions:1. Section 2 "Details of the Estate" I have no information about the debtor's property including whether it is Freehold or Leasehold, just an address. Is it ok to leave this section blank?
2. Section 4 "Total number of all copies or certificates requested in panel 7" one for myself? one for the Court? It's not clear what I am supposed to do
3. Section 5 Can I leave my phone number out? It does say fill in all of this panel but I'd rather not give out my phone number...
4. Section 7 "I apply for official copies..." No idea which of these boxes I should be ticking. All I want is whatever is needed to accompany form N379 to prove the debtor's ownership of a property and obtain an interim Charging Order
5. Section 8 "Application for registration" No idea what this means, do I need to fill it in?Thanks in advance
Just travelling home but will respond in full shortly
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks I appreciate it. Will await your response.
Thank you for your patience.
Answers as follows:
Section 2: The Form does ask you to complete these details - if they are known. If you don't have the details you can leave these blank. The helpline might give you this information -if you call them.
0300(###) ###-####
Lines are open 8am to 6pm
Section 4: I would normally only order one copy and then certify the rest. As you don't have this option available to you - then you will need 3 - respondent, court, yourself. If however they are going to charge you £7 for each copy - it would be cheaper to order a copy and ask a solicitor to certify the other copies for a few quid.
Section 5: This is so that the Land Registry can contact you about your application if they need to. The information wont be passed to anyone else. It should be ok to leave it out.
Section 7: You just need to tick the first box (for the official copy of the register)
Section 8: The second box - so you know if anyone else is also registering a charge.
Kindest Regards
Positive feedback gratefully received
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Caroline. That's very helpful, thanks.
Before I close, a few points of clarification:Section 4: I know you mentioned that it might be an idea to get one copy and then have it certified by a solicitor, but I can't imagine that it would be done for less than £7 pounds for each copy. Therefore would ordering 3 copies not be cheaper in the long run?
Section 5: Has a "Reference" box. Should I put my case number ***** or just leave it blank?
Section 7: I can not tick the first box. I have to put the number of copies that I want in it. If you suggest that I order 3 copies (respondent, Court, myself) then should I put 3 in here?When you say "Respondent" do you mean the defendant / debtor? If so I thought I did not have to inform him of a Charging Order and that it was the Court's responsibility to do so once the CO had been issued. In which case perhaps ordering 2 copies would suffice?Finally, the debtor has moved abroad, so unless he has an auto forward on his old postal address he may not receive any documentation. Should I email him a scan of the CO when I receive it from the Court?Thanks!
Section 4 - Solicitors are not allowed to charge more than £5 for certifying documents. For simple copies I usually do them for £2. It's up to you factoring in petrol costs.
Section 5 - can leave blank - that is just for solicitors file reference
Section 7 - I used to just 'x' to get one - but you can indicate more.
Sorry you are correct - you won't need one for the defendant. I was in debt recovery before moving to family - the term is Defendant in your context.
If the Judge grants the interim charging order without a hearing then the Judge will also list the matter for a hearing to decide if the interim order should be made final. It is this you serve on the defendant. Be aware that time for effective service is longer when the defendant is abroad - see this for timescales:
Hopefully the court will make the order final - even without the attendance of the defendant attending
Kind Regards
Just re - read your last line and note that you don't actually know the defendants address abroad.
The CPR provides for service at the last known address - but there is no harm in also emailing the same.
Kind Regards
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Caroline.Thanks for your assistance. I have posted my form off to the Land Registry today. I may well come back to you before I send the N379 form off once I receive the details from the Land Registry.Have a good evening.