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If I have put in an application visa on the basis of

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If I have put in an application for a visa on the basis of my marriage to a British national, and my wife's parents has persuaded her to annul the marriage and therefore has put in an application to annul the marriage, will this annulment petition affect the answer to my visa application, although the annulment is not official, does the annulment have to be official before it affects the answer to my visa or the petition itself will hinder my answer??
my wife wants to withdraw the petition as she was forced to do it, but has already sent the application, i just want to know if her sending that annulment petition will affect my answer from the home office, as they may see her petition and wonder why she wants to annul, or must the annulment be official before it is noticed and affects the visa answer??
What will concern the Home Office is whether or not you are together. If they have sight of the annulment documentation they will be suspicious perhaps believing the marriage to be a sham marriage. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

can they have sight of annulment documents even though the annulment is not official. also we are still married and together. only problem is this annulment petition has gone through, how high is the chance of them seeing this document, and if we withdraw it will things be ok?

Unless you send it to them it is unlikely that they will see it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

How long does it take home office to come up with a decision on whether to give a visa on the basis of my marriage, also is there anything that could make them refuse??

This is technically a different question and should be relished - but I will help - it rather depends - they still have long waiting lists at present - can be 6 months
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

apart from an annulment document is there other things that can lead to refusal?

I have answered your original question - this needs to be relished now