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Out of the blue. two sheriffs came to ask pay money of 1041.05

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Out of the blue. two sheriffs came to ask pay money of 1041.05 pounds.
They showed high court writ.
Claimant applied for Northampton county court Money claim centre (I was told that it was online application), which I did not know. I have not yet received any court order/documentation for me to attend to the court.
It was passed to the in the high court of justice Gloucester & Cheltenham district.
I was told that They issued the writ.
I reluctantly paid the money , otherwise they threatened to take our furniture, fixtures & fittings.
We would like to stop the payment to the claimant. We would like to judgement set-a-side and to arrange the county court hearing. We would like to defend our case.
We would like to know How to stop the payment to the claimant until the court hearing would be held.
Hi, thank you for your question.
If you wish to apply to set aside then you would need to submit an appeal under form N244 together with an affidvit explaining your reasons for yhe application to the high court who issued the writ.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
!. I would like to send a letter to the court to stop payment to the claimant.
2. I would like to apply for the judgement set-a-side and to arrange a county court for the hearing.
to defend the case.
I am just wondering whether you send the letter directly to the court or you send me the draft text of the letter and I sign the letter and send it to the court..
I would suggest that there is no need to initially write to the court. You can draft a short letter enclosing your application to set aside the judgment, and you can explain the situation in either the application or a statement to accompany the application
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
According to Sheriffs, they hold the money( which I paid today to them) for 14 days, and will pay the claimant.
I would like to ask the court to hold money until the county court hearing. And then the court will decide who will have the money at the end of the hearing.
That is why I have to send the letter to the court to stop the payment.
I need to receive the draft text of the letter which I would like to send the court urgently.
Unfortunately, it is beyond the remit of the work on this site to draft letters - however I would suggest you briefly outline in the letter what has happened as you have explained here, and you will be able to attend the court in person and submit the application to set aside on an urgent basis and a hearing can be listed prior to the 14 days.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am running my business in Hastings, East Sussex.
The court is in Northamton County Court Money Claim Centre, and High Court Justice in Gloucester & Cheltenham District Registry.
I can not to go to the court in person.
Any other sugestions ?
Unfortunately the application has tonbe sent to the high court which issued the writ.
Other option would be to send it by special delivery (with multiple copies for issuing) and request an emergency hearing. But it is best if you are able to attend in person to issue the application.