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Is there any way to stop someone from making repeated

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Is there any way for me to stop someone from making repeated accusations via email to me that I have slandered them? I have asked them what it is I am alleged to have said, when, and to whom, but they refuse to do so, instead just saying if I continue doing it they will act against me in the court.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi again Jo,

The person doing the accusing is the husband of the woman he is claiming I and my wife have slandered.

He has now twice emailed accusing us individually of slander, and to cease and desist.

He won't say what it is we are alleged to have said that is slanderous, where we're supposed to have said it, or where.

At the same time, his wife has been spreading lies about my wife on social media - apparently just today my wife has been called a bitch and a c**p choreographer.

She has even tried to damage the working relationship between my wife and the places she hires.

Would I be right in thinking that he can't sue for slander on behalf of his wife?


Yes, well, I find generally that disputes between men are quite often caused by women. Women may not ostensibly commit much violent crime but I think that is because they get men to do it for them.He can't sue on behalf of his wife. She might actually have to act like an adult and fight her own battles which is usually enough to deter women like this.In any event though, if you have slandered him you would know about it. Slander is not just a trivial comment. It is something like accusing a person of sexual offences - something that damages a reputation even if investigated and found to be without basis.I would just not respond to him and if he continues seek a harassment action.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Jo,

This is just one more thing with the dance school issues you helped answer a few weeks ago.

It's still ongoing.

I don't think she has the spine. She is suing us in the small claims court as well (which I asked you about yesterday). As well as having had two visits from the police as they felt her actions were bordering on harassment. Her own business relies on having a very clean criminal record, which is why I think she's doing it through her husband.

My wife actually closed down her business last week because of the stress this woman has been the cause of.

It's such a shame that people are allowed to say what they want, and accuse people of whatever they want, without spending a fortune on private action.


She is doing it through her husband because women like her incite their husbands to commit offences for them. That way they avoid consequences themselves and their husbands seem oblivious to this manipulation and carry on like demented lemmings. I don't know why men feel an obligation to sort out their partner's problems. The joke is that then these women whinge and moan about discrimination.
You could get a solicitor to write to her warning her that using her husband to harass you is harassment also. That might deter her.
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