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On July 23rd I spent £7000 in 7 £1000 transactions at a Casino,

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On July 23rd I spent £7000 in 7 £1000 transactions at a Casino, at the time I was under the influence of alcohol and only found out at a latter date what had happened, this also was not flagged up by Santander who stated because I had made these regular transactions in previous months they were not concerned. Is their anything I can do?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. What would you like to know about this situation?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would like to know if I can claim back the money from the casino or my bank as I was not aware of my transactions due to alcohol, my limit at the casino I changed to £300 but they said I changed it again, I was later refused entry to the casino on the grounds that I was drunk, but not until I had made 7 £1000 transactions. This was also not picked up by my bank because they said because on many previous occasions I had made £1000 transactions to the same casino nothing was irregular. Where do I stand on a legal basis?
Hello I'm going to opt out to see if a colleague can answer this. Good luck.
Hello I had to go offline temporarily but I can see no one has picked this up.
Are you saying that you dispute making the transactions or increasing your limit?
You mentioned that you have had similar transaction in the past, were these authorised by you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I made the transactions but don't remember doing them due to the alcohol. I also don't remember increasing my limit and never signed anything. My form of identity (passport) which the Casino were using to authorise the transactions had expired in June. All transactions in the past had also been authorised by me mostly under the influense of alcohol. My bank also never flagged up the situation as I had made these transactions on a regular basis in the past.
Hi unfortunately I do not think that there is much recourse for you under UK law. In the US there are instances where people under the influence of alcohol have been able to recover there losses in Casinos but the same is not true in the UK. You can write to the Casino to say that you were not of fit mind to enter the transactions and do not recall increasing your credit limit and ask them to prove that you did in fact authorise the transactions. You can ask for a refund. You can also complain to Trading Standards. Hopefully they will agree to refund you but I think this is highly unlikely. If the casino cannot prove you authorised the transactions then you should return to the bank to say that you think this is fraudulent.
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