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My ex is suing me in a gift v's loan situation. she wants between

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my ex is suing me in a gift v's loan situation. she wants between £30-40 000. basically we decided to move into my house worth nearly £300 000. she sold her property on the understnding (and it was her idea) that she would sell it, we would pay our debts and id put her on my deeds and we would have an easy mortgage free life. she paid the debt, then didnt want the house or anything i offered. it was never discussed as a loan. and then i found her emails with her writing to loads of people stating i conned her and she wanted her ex back and she could never love me etc etc. anyways my friends are witnesses that it was a gift and just part of our relationship. i might add that the money from the sale of her house went into our joint account. she removed it then put it back. i have texts with 'the money is in the account x' its all very horrid. ive offered her £24 000 as that is all i can get. im not a theif or and arsehole and just want to give some back without fearing imminant court action. its more of a moral issue for me. but it was never a loan. i feel tht she made some bad decisions and should take some responsibility too. her solicitor constantly threatening court and trying to twist anything i say. my friends are getting phoned up by him and my ex has what i consider harrased my friends with letters texts and phone calls. they have been told to leave them alone. 1 of them is 90yrs old! .what do i do? do i need to worry or should i just go to court and tell the truth?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Do you have any evidence it was a gift and not required to be paid back?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no not really, just a couple of texts saying the moneys in the account and one from her saying were going to pay 'our' mortgage off. we didnt really discuss it as i thought we were setting up for life and it was just 'ours' and just friends that were witness to what we were presumably doing.
Do you have a number we can talk on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the bank knew what we had planned because they asked us what the joint account was for.
ok. but nothing was said expressing it was a gift rather than a loan?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
she went from saying things that she didnt care about the money she just wanted us to be free from debt and when the debts were paid and she wouldnt go on the deeds or let me have a solicitor write something up to protect her if anything should happen to me. it ended in a row with me trying to convince her to let me give her my house and she screamed (and it was a very confusing) 'i dont want your effing house anjd i dont care about the money!' now im labelled a conn artist! nothing made sence until i read all her emails....which she still denies?? my phone number is *****
I will call shortly.