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I have been given notice to leave where we have lived

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I have been given notice to leave where we have lived for 12 years by our land lord through the estate agent. I have been looking but have not found anywhere yet. The moving out date is 4 December. I have asked the landlady to consider letting us stay until after Christmas through the estate agent and have had no response. This all came about after I missed two payments due to my father passing and I had to assist in funeral costs. I have three children and in the 12 years I have lived here have never missed a payment. I got upto date with my rent and the next day I got the notice. Since the notice came I get phone calls from the agency reminding me the sate still stands
I feel harassed as before then the agency would take weeks and years to sort jobs around the house but now they call to see if they can help and remind me I had to move. My question is if I do not find anything before the move out date what happens
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I have been waiting for an hour
Hi, thanks for your question. I am a qualified solicitor.
The notice that the landlord/estate agent has served you does not necessarily mean that you need to leave on the day it states. If you do not comply with the request, the landlord will need to submit an application to court for a possession order. Once a possession order is granted, if you do not leave then the landlord will need to apply to court for a notice of eviction - the notice of eviction will state the date that you will need to leave, and this is the date that you should rely on. The process will take anywhere between 2-6 months for the landlord to obtain a notice of eviction from the court.
Given that you have been unable to find anywhere for you and your children I would suggest that you attend your council housing office and inform them of this issue. They are likely to inform you that the cannot assist until a notice of eviction is issued by the court, but at least they will be aware and may offer you support in the meantime.
Hi, just following up to see if you have any further questions. Please rate positive if you found the information above helpful.
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