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Alex, I recently had to shut my limited company down ( cease

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Hi Alex, I recently had to shut my limited company down ( cease Trading) unfortunately there are no assets to pay for an insolvency practitioner, one of my sub contractors, has hired a debt collector, who called at my house with out warning or any correspondence demanding that i pay the monies owed personally, i was working in London at the time and was not there, he continued to telephone and then his calls became aggressive and personal insults , I paid what invoices i had in my files £917.00 but last night he has come back saying i owe a further £1023, £200 for him as his collection fee, and £823 for the sub contractor, which i don't have invoices for, the limited company has ceased trading and i haven't done any work for it since September, the company was making losses and i was making no headway in to the companies debt, the debt collector has demanded i pay this money which i have no records for on Tuesday
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I sent the sub contractor a copy of the creditors letter that i have sent, i have had no correspondence from him, i have asked for statements and copy invoices with out reply
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
when i ask the debt collector anything he becomes aggressive and his manner changes
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I asked the debt collector for information about himself, all i got was his company was based in Mayfair and that he will continue charging me £200 every time he telephones or visits
Thank you for your question.
You should not have paid anything at all personally as that has simply given the debt collector the taste to pursue you again as you have seen. If he contacts you again, tell him to go away under threat that you are being harassed and will take out a court order to stop him. Under no circumstances give this person house room or allow him to intimate you. You don't owe the money personally, the company has ceased trading, you have given notice of that and that is an end of matters. If you can, block his calls from your phone. Tell him he can charge you what he likes every time he calls but you won't be paying it. As with any bully, talk back and reverse the position on your favour.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
HII have just sent the creditor an email informing him that the harassment must cease or i will take out a court order against themRegardsJason
Good, that is how you have to deal with this.