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Unfair landlord continually harassing me The landlords are

Customer Question

Unfair landlord continually harassing me
The landlords are "Stonewater" at Elland near Leeds
This is "sheltered accommodation"
I have been in this rented flat now for about 15 years
They have ALWAYS been paid and without fail (the local authority pays it for me)
Some 10 years ago their Mr Bob Clayton called to examine the property
He found everything to be in order
He observed that I had fitted TWO fluorescent light units in the lounge
He said that it was perfectly in order and he commented that I obviously knew what I was doing.
He also noted that I enjoy hobby engineering with some small metal working tools which I had in the lounge
He asked me to turn one of them on, which I did, and he told me that everything was in order. I have not added any more since!
When their Hannah Saltonstall called recently she had their electrician remove my florescent light units. In their place he fitted a single 60W lamp
She had on earlier occasion told me of no complaint about them!
I wrote to her to complain about this removal of my fluorescent lights but she very largely ignored my letter.
When they called recently Mr Khan said that the law had changed! Not true! I do not accept that the law regarding the domestic wiring "part P" has retrospectively been changed!
She called again very recently with a Mr Abbas Khan.
She mentioned nothing further to complain about BUT!! She phoned the POLICE on some pretext
She got the Police to attend on the grounds that she thought I was "suicidal"
I satisfied the Police officers that this was untrue
They then advised H. Saltonstall that, in their opinion the floor was not strong enough to take the weight of my hobby equipment.
Accordingly and based on their "Advice" she has changed her mind and now wants me to get rid of my machines.
The last time she was here, before she called the police out, she told me that she would never be asking for even one of the machines to be removed. Mr Khan agreed. In point of fact I expressed my relief and shook hands with Mr Khan
Now it seems that she has changed her mind, based upon the "architectural advice" of a "Police Officer"
The floor is completely capable of supporting the weight. As I explained, they were no more than the equivalent of 8 persons in total, but he would not listen to what I said
Now, I find this new Housing Estate officer to be a considerable burden.. She asks many, many questions at a very high speed. And then she interrupts me with a fresh question before I have finished answering
Last year she spent 1 hour and 20 minutes subjecting me to this distressing punishment
After she/they have left I find myself very confused. I have little idea as to what I have said at all
I had a panic attack again this time which has lasted some three days do far
I wrote to her about this, but, once again, she completely ignored my desperate requests
I suffer from over anxiety and chronic depression.
All I need is for her to stop making my life a misery and allow me to keep my, hitherto accepted, machines
It might help to mention that the larger items are made by Myford Ltd a very well recognized firm making hobby machinery based in Nottingham
The wiring that I put in was perfectly correctly installed. I told her that I had worked for the North Eastern Electricity Board
But again she took no notice!
She wrote down things from time to time and looked like she was ticking boxes.
I repeatedly realize that she only listens to a fraction of any sentence and jumps to some conclusion. asking yet another fresh question while I am in mid sentence
I was so confused that I have truly no little idea what I said to them.
She puts me under considerable stress, despite my several verbal and even a written request not to do so
I asked her if she had received my letter, and she said yes. And said (untruthfully) that it was just about my mental health
She asked personal questions as well!
Please she is making me very ill.
Their Mr Clayton said the equipment is fine, but she has relied on in a member of the Police to give her their advice and wants to use that to take away my hobbies based upon the opinion of a POLICEMAN??? Why not an Architect who would have given her proper advice. Like I said "no more than the equivalent of 8 people!!!"
I want to keep my hobby machinery, she said last time she was here that they would NOT seek to have me remove them, now it seems she has changed her mind for no real reason other than that of a policeman who is not even an engineer let alone being an architect!
Please tell me what to do to:-
In order of priority
1. Keep my previously acceptable to them, hobby machines
2. Stop her from harassing me.
3. Prevent her, or Mr Khann, entering my flat ever again
4. Reinstate my lighting. Which I need because of intricate and delicate engineering
Please! I really do need helping I am 73
Thanking you most kindly
David Haines
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
The law has changed with regard to Part P testing.
In short
1 She is able to demand that you remove something which may be causing damage. She could get an injunction but she won't do that. What she will do is seek to evict on the basis that you are placing the property at risk. If there is any suggestion of that then that will be upheld.
2 I'm not sure what you are thinking of? I realise that you dont' want to receive contact from her but that doesn't make it harassment. She is entitled to safeguard her property and she cannot be prevented from doing that.
3 That is no possible. Landlords have the right to 'reasonable access'. They do have to give notice of their intention to access and to make an appointment with you but it is not possible to prevent access completely forever.
4 If this offends against Part 8 testing then that is not possible. Part P testing is now compulsory but law. I don't know whether it does offend or not but that would seem to be what they are raising.
If you wired it yourself then that is not lawful. It has to be done by a proper Part P registered electrician.
Sorry but I have to give you truthful information.
Can I clarify anything for you?