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ukfamilysolicitor, Solicitor
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Experience:  Qualified Solicitor Currently specialising in Family. Also experienced in Corporate, Employment, Civil Litigation, Debt Recovery
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I am the Claimant in a Litigation case in Chelmsford County

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I am the Claimant in a Litigation case in Chelmsford County Court, the hearing is a 5 day one starting on 5th December, it is before a Circuit Judge. I have to prepare a 'Case Summary'. This is something I have never done before.
I have two questions:-
1 - Is there a standard form that I can use to assist me with this?
2 - Do you have any suggestions that might help me with this?
Thank you for taking the time to answer this quesiton
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. What is the claim about?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The 4 Defendants attempted to steal my business including downloading all my artworks, designs etc and used them since May 2014 up to July this year. I obtained an injunction on 1st August 2014 to prevent this but they have disobeyed it on numerous occasions (over 50 I can prove). I presented committal proceedings against them in July 2015 whereby they admitted breaching the injunction (albeit not with what I presented but gave further evidence, by way of a defence, with other breaches ( !!! ) and the judge wants to get the full picture before he sentences them.

We have the full trial for the theft of the company, data, etc in December.

That is the case in a nut shell - but obviously there is more it it than that

Hello I am going to opt out for another expert to assist you. Good luck with it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you

My name is***** am a Solicitor and I will assist.
I must start by saying that I specialise in Family Law and therefore cannot assist you with the specific details of your case but I can assist you in respect of how to prepare a case summary as this is something that I regularly do as a litigator in my field.
A case summary is a concise but complete overview of the whole case.
You should therefore keep the document as short as possible.
It's best to stick to the basic facts only and do not include any opinion.
There are no templates per se - as each case is different.
I would use 2 headings:
1) chronology
In this section detail how the matter has progressed through the court.
It will help to put your court orders in date order and work through them as follows eg:
10.02.15 Claim Issued
15.02.15 Acknowledgment received
10.04.15 Order of DJ Jones. Matter listed for a further hearing on the ....
Following directions made. .. Directions were complied with on ....
The following directions were not complied with
Etc etc
2) parties position
Under this section detail a brief line of positions
The claimant seeks .....
The defendants position is ........
If possible you should try and get the defendants to agree the case summary.
You need to file the case summary along with you bundle with the court at least 3 days before the final hearing. You should therefore send your index to the bundle and case summary to the defendant in advance of this - requesting that they return to you if they require any amendments.
If they don't respond - then you should explain this to the court in a brief covering note with your bundle. Detail when you sent it and how no response was received.
If you do receive a response with proposed amendments that you don't agree with - send both copies to the court with a covering note explaining that the amendments aren't agreed so that the Judge can read both versions.
I hope this assists.
Kind Regards
Positive feedback is gratefully received
ukfamilysolicitor, Solicitor
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 1389
Experience: Qualified Solicitor Currently specialising in Family. Also experienced in Corporate, Employment, Civil Litigation, Debt Recovery
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