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I am a tenant in a housing association flat owned by the council. In

Customer Question

I am a tenant in a housing association flat owned by the council.
In Nov 2014 refurbishment started on our 22 Floor building.
I came home from work and scaffolding tube was errected touching my windows and a wooden platform haveway up my windows plus thick sheeting which i could not see through
I was encapsolated.
I had received no consultation from housing association.
I contacted my housing association and without giving me any dates said I was a priority.
to be moved.
I felt like I was encapsolated. In the Dec 2014 I went to my Doctor I was stressed out could not sleep and could not cope effecting the light in my flat and brick dust was falling down on the planks across the windows and comming through vents I presented this to my Housing association and at the requested of my Doctor they said their was no flats on the lock availale. They said I could have a refurbished flat when one became available I also requested a unfurnished flat which they refused twice. they gave me no dates they said I could have a move to another block but they where moving them on the same lock as I lived for 13 yrs.
I had to go through there complaints procedures even through it was with the same housing officers who were refusing me I then went to the Landlaord Council and they passed me back to them. I got in touch with the enviorment and they did not reply for 12 weeks finally the housing personnel gave me two conflicting procedures doc replying 10 days and 14 days because they had not replied in time. I went straight to the council and will my Doctors letters and phographs and they immediately ask for what I wanted that was in July 2015 since then I went through procedures with council 1 & 2 and if i was not happy to go to Housing onwardsman I did because of time they took and made me pay for my move and leaving carpets laminate floors etc. I am told now by the housing onwardsman I have to go to stage 3 with the housing association Tenants panel but council accepted 1 & "2 I am confused. He has asked a series of questions to then I have asked for there replies he said I am going about this the wrong way I have had so many contrictions in procedures twisting the actual events I believe I should have informaation please advise.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
What is it you want to know about this please?