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A tenant of mine moved out suddenly owing money after

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a tenant of mine moved out suddenly owing money after returning from holiday in Greece , not returning keys so I could repair and re-let and leaving large items behind which she seemed to think I should store while she moved house and a damaged door lock
which is a civil matter I am familiar with dealing with . however we have swapped texts about money owed and I believe she has made criminal threats (more on behalf of others / dad who is a builder than herself I think) . she owes money and has moved just
down the street so it is a serious issue for me . I would like to know if a crime has been committed and if I can drop charges after I take to the police. I have filed a money claim on line and shortly after copy dropped in to charlotte there was minor vandalism
at letting property which I didn't report and I cant say for sure who is responsible following are some of the texts between myself matthew rainey and charlotte atkins THURS 15TH OCT MATTHEW RAINEY Do you have copy of signed lease to return ? CHARLOTTE ATKINS
Please don’t text I am in Greece and it will cost us both lots FRIDAY 30TH OCT MATTHEW RAINEY Wil I be able to pick up 90 or more over weekend pls? CHARLOTTE ATKINS I don’t live there any more collecting rest of my things now MATTHEW RAINEY What does that
mean? Have you moved out? Why didn’t you give notice? When can I expect money owed? CHARLOTTE ATKINS I didn’t owe money, I am collecting things now will leave keys with eddie MATTHEW RAINEY You owe 120 to 200 , when can I expect it please ? I will expect washer
to be removed if not already done The washer needs to be moved and I will expect at least 100 or I will pursue court action CHARLOTTE ATKINS I am taking it now and you are having a laugh if you think you are taking me to court , the place is a dump , no tenancy
agreement . me and my dad will be collecting things now MATTHEW RAINEY If you don’t pay at least 100 I will take you to court CHARLOTTE ATKINS See you in court then I owe nothing I have never ever signed an agreement SUNDAY 1ST NOV MATTHEW RAINEY The washer
is in yard ready to be collected so you don’t need key CHARLOTTE ATKINS My dad has keys not me put washer back if that gets ruined you will be replacing MATTHEW RAINEY When are you going to move washer and return keys ? CHARLOTTE ATKINS Matt I am working leave
me alone , one more text and I will shove washer where sun doesn’t shine MATTHEW RAINEY Keys today KEYS RETURNED AND WASHER COLLECTED BY CHARLOTTES DAD IN HIS VAN , LARGE TV NOT COLLECTED TUES 10 NOV MATTHEW RAINEY Eddie says you have a large tv to be removed
from flat , new lock was 20 carpet clean was 40 I will accept 150 transferred to my account or I will file a money claim CHARLOTTE ATKINS Matt piss off MATTHEW RAINEY Its your tv you need to collect it or it will be dumped at your new place CHARLOTTE ATKINS
Take things to mine my dad is there I am sure he will be happy to see you!!! MATTHEW RAINEY Not sure what that means is it your tv or not? CHARLOTTE ATKINS Matt, do one, I have nothing to do with you anymore otherwise I will have you done!! MATTHEW RAINEY
is it your tv or not? CHARLOTTE ATKINS Like I said I will see you in ‘court’ until then do not contact me I have nothing to do with you or your shitty house anymore and oh be expecting visitors soon MATTHEW RAINEY Meaning what?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
What is it you want to achieve please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would like to know if a crime has been committed and if i can drop charges once filed and I will consider options from there
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
criminal threat specifically
The part which says 'I will have you done'?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
You are saying that counts as threat ? Or asking about specific phrases ? There is I will have you done .... I am sure my dad will be pleased to see expecting visitors soon.... as well as the general tone / debt owed / proximity of new address
What did you make of those threats? Did you report them to the Police?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I haven't reported them yet but they were made seriously and there is an ongoing issue with money . I have filed an MCOL claim . We have no other relationship than landlord tenant and it is not something we would share as a joke
A general threat is not enough. It must be a threat to kill to be anything serious and you must take that threat seriously or reasonably believe it to be so.
If you have already issued a claim via MCOL then this just adds to it and goes to conduct. But from what you have said, there is no criminal offence here. Any threats must be genuine and serious. Imagine the Police would be caught up to the time if a neighbour said I am going to come round and give you a good hiding.
But in the mix of thing this shows what the ex tenant is like when you go to trial with the county court matter.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's fine thank you
Good luck with this.
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