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I am a video designer in theatre and was asked to

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I am a video designer in theatre and was asked to design for a kid's ballet.
A client of mine has terminated our agreement, citing that she was unhappy with the design provided, but it was in the middle of the dates agreed, and we had already performed two shows with the design and she did not say that she was unhappy with the content till the next day.
Leading up to it, I had missed a few deadlines, but still delivered a design which was used for the two performances, and still have two weeks left of deadlines and deliveries. I have offered to rectify and keep working on the content but she still wants to terminate the agreement.
In the agreement, it only states dates that i've agreed to work on, but also that she, as the producer, has to provide travel expenses out of xxxxxxxx (the two shows were performed in xxxxxxxxxxx), all equipment (like projectors and cables). We did not find a suitable projector to buy in time, so I loaned her one for free as a gesture of goodwill, as well as other cables and small items.
When she terminated the agreement, she said that I owed her for the cost of the equipment that she had bought so far as a result of my failure to deliver (a few cables, which amount to less than £100) and that she would return the items I had loaned to her for free. I responded saying that I was surprised by the termination and responded to each of her points as to what had happened. I also gave her three options of moving forward, 1) to pay me half the fee (£750 out of £1500) and we both walk away and say that it didn't work out, 2) to not pay and I would consult my manager's advice, 3) we could work together to rectify what she wasn't happy with.
She responded saying that I hadn't done anything worth £750 and that she wasn't going to pay and she would return my equipment that I had loaned her via post. I then sent her a letter of agreement saying that I wouldn't make any claims against her in return for covering my travel expenses to XXXX not using any of my content, no further claims and returning my content. She rejected this letter of agreement and said that I now owe her approx £750 for the cost of reprinting programmes without my credit in it, for time spent re-rehearsing dancers and the cost of a rehearsal room for a show without my design in it, and she would not return my equipment till I have paid her.
I was not entirely clear with her during my delivery schedule as I had not completed the content and had problems with google drive, which led to her not being able to preview the content. However, when she did see it, she did not have any complaints and still used it for two performances. Will this affect whether I am liable for damages?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I would like to know whether to pay her the amount to get my equipment back or whether to take legal action in this matter?
Do you have a number we can chat on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, it's in the private contact info.