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I am a Portuguese female married to a Turkish man for

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Hello, i am a Portuguese female married to a Turkish man for 3 years, we married in Turkey Antalya. My husband has been refused a visa to join me here in England, i have lived in England for 6 years and always worked and paying my taxes, i work as a live in carer i get 78 pounds per day.
He has been refused a visa on the grounds of our age gap, he is 33 i am 48, age was no problem for him as his mother is 15 years older than his father.
I travel to Antalya to visit him as often as i can, i was diagnosed with cancer, though now on remission i still have monthly follow up appointments with the University College London Hospital. We completed all the necessary documents on 3 occasions, proof of everything was handed in to the British Embassy in Istanbul, and it was all refused and they mocked my husband by saying that i can not speak english how do we communicate,
he speaks basic english, he went to school there to learn english, and we have proof of that which we presented to the Embassy, and on top of this they made my portuguese marriage certificate original disappear, they sent me a photocopy, and the original Turkish
marriage booklet is with me, and by the way i am fluent in english, i grew up in South A frica and Swaziland,i have only been to english schools.My husband works as a chef in Antalya. Please help.
Kind regards
1. Here, you need to immediately appeal the decision to refuse a visa or else, if you are out of time for an appeal, to issue judicial review proceedings to challenge the refusal. An age gap of 15 years between you is not lawful grounds upon which to refuse a visa to him. So you need to immediately challenge this discrimination as it is both ageist and sexist and infringes the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights. So, the sooner you challenge the decision the better. Otherwise you will be stuck with the refusal should you make a subsequent application for him. 2. As an aside, I personally live in a relationship where i am the younger man in a relationship by 18 years to an older woman. But I have never seen such discrimination. 3. Please RATE the Answer as unless you RATE the answer your Expert receives none of the money you have paid the website so there is no incentive to answer any further questions.
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