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Property Legal Team, I rent out a 1200 sq. ft victorian

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Hello Property Legal Team,
I rent out a 1200 sq. ft victorian terrace in southwest London to tenants. After consulting a tenant advocacy company, my tenants are demanding rental relief to cover their incovenience and stress during recent repair work. The repair work was undertaken following a mains water pipe bursting in the house. Two main rooms were affected, the master bedroom and family living room, the other three bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen were unaffected (except to temporarily hold personal items from the two affected rooms during repair work. The works in the two main rooms went on for 6 - 7 weeks and the rooms were bascially unusable during this time.
My insurance company inspected the property before any work began and decided the house was livable. Only after the work was complete did the tenants come forward with a demand for rental relief claiming half the house was not livable for 7 weeks.
The demand is quite aggressive and makes clear there will be an escalation for compensation if I do not comply.
I'd like to know what my position is please.
1) Am I liable to pay for rent relief when the house was not deemed uninhabitable?
2) We also worked the repair schedule around the tenants holiday and sickness - elongating the timeframe which they now complain about. Am I liable for the extended timeframe when we worked it around the tenants schedule?
3) I paid significantly more than the insurance company will cover to pick a plaster/decoration company that could move to repair quickly. Had I waited for the insurance company to appoint and pay for someone, the inconvenience would have been greater. Does my extra expense have any baring, especially when my extra expense about equals the rental relief amount?
4) I have building insurance and the tenants have contents. They are asking me to cover their contents deductible. I would think I am entirely in the right not to pay their deductable. Is this correct?
5) Do the tenants have any legal leg to stand on if I refuse to pay rental relief or pay a smaller amount as a goodwill gesture? (Either action will not meet their expectations and I expect they will seek a way to escalate. How strong is my position?)
I have have a managing agent on this property. They managed all the repair for me since I live far away from the house. They advised me they have no experience with demands for rental relief and have turned the topic over to me. I seek advice on how to respond.
Thank you so much for your help. This is a time sensitive matter.
Best regards,
C. Simpson
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
How much is the rent, how much do they want off?
Did you not have insurance which covered rent reductions etc?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Alex, I agree it may be better to talk. The number you can call me on is 07402 523 305.