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I am the claimant in a litigation regarding the attempted theft

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I am the claimant in a litigation regarding the attempted theft of my printing business (contract law / copyright / data protection / fraud issues).
There are 4 Defendants - who have already breached an injunction and been found guilty (there has already been committal proceedings) of breaching that injunction (albeit the judge has postponed the sentencing until after ascertaining the extent of their breaches, which is to be established at the trial)
The document bundles consist of 1,422 documents
The trial for the main case (committal to be discussed after) is in Chelmsford County Court in front of a Circuit Judge.
It is to b e held over a 5 day period (7th - 11th December)
What I want to know is:-
If the Defendants were to employ counsel for the hearing, how much would it cost them (including the prep etc)?
1. The minimum brief fee for counsel on the brief would be approximately £10,000 for a five day hearing in the County Court. This is because there are multiple Defendants and a substantial body of documents. More likely the brief fee would be arou0nd £16-18,000. Additionally, the barrister will ask for a DAILY refresher fee of about £1,250. So this would be the barrister's bill. A solicitor would charge approximately £22,500 minimum on the instructions fee, plus about £3,000 fee for each day of the hearing. So there would be substantial costs outlay for each Defendant if they were represented separately. Fees could be much higher depending on how much pre-trial work the solicitor has put in.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your nice prompt answer, and for your previous two answers. This service (and your replies have been a great help)


Sandra xx

3. Dear *****, you are welcome. Please RATE.