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Last new years eve an arguement broke out at a party i was

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last new years eve an arguement broke out at a party i was having at my home. the men were asked to leave , they did , but then come back, with another man. kicking my door and shouting.i opened the door and was dragged outside. beaten up by two men dropped over a wall and recieved 9 stitches, my partner heard all this and came outside,he was beaten up by the three men and also recieved stitches. the men left and the police came as neighbours had phoned them. after a little while we were asked about how one of the men had recieved a cut to his throat.nobody had seen any such thing but he said my partner had done it. my partner is now on trial for 2 sec 18 and two sec 20. but these men have not been charged with the assaults. they were asked to give a voluntry interview months later. the police say that the cps have said that they will deal with my partners prosecution first.. i was told by the cps that there is no seperate urn number for any of this. why are these men not held accountable for this? my partner is looking at a possible 12 yrs for something he didnot do. please help me wot can i do?
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
If the CPS have decided to prosecute your partner then there is very little you can do abut that once the decision has been taken and proceedings started. When is the trial due to start?
These sound like issues relating to disclosure of unused material. Your partner's solicitor will be entitled to disclosure of material that may undermine the prosecution or assist the defence. There is procedure for this (serving of defence statements etc.). Do you know if the solicitors have sought disclosure of this material?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the trial is due to start on april 4th.. i understand that i cannot change the descision to prosecute. wot i dont understand is why these men havent been arrested for what they did to my partner..and myself,.if they havent been arrested how can the cps prosecute them? if they are going to be arrested ,i dont understand why it has to wait for my partners case to seems that if my partners case goes to trial and those men are not charged with what they did it will only be an allegation. they were asked to give a voluntry interview about it. .it is like the police arent interested in the whole event or what happened to my partner and me, only to prosecute my partner,and without the full story,.taking it out of context as they have and making it a seperate issue.makes a conviction seem better odds for them. my partner was left unconcious by these men..nobody even saw what they are saying happened, actually happen..but when they left and got home the one of them noticed he had a cut accross his throat, he says..the other two men went back out and then beat up another couple.which has already been dealt with., when the police were called they were given statements by witnesses who had seen what they did to us, we were told the cctv was non evidential. but eventually the solicitor viewed it at the police st..and car lights can be seen.leaving ,coming back and leaving my address again.this confirms what we said happened because these men deny leaving my property.but we have not been allowed to view it has taken months, to recieve disclosure.although my partner and myself have not even been given all the paperwork..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
my partner had sacked his solicitor as he feels the trust issue has broken down. when he gave his reasons for doing this to the judge,the fact that nothing has been done about the assaults on us , and was not persued by the solicitor was given as one of the reasons for doing so. the judge didnt even believe that it was connected to my partners trial,