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My brothers wife has said he is harassing her regarding an

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My brothers wife has said he is harassing her regarding an issue over the children.She had said she was working in Paris and could he have the children (they r divorced and share custody) he was happy to do that but subsequently found out that she was back in London and it seemed unlikely she had a meeting late on a Friday night. She frequently ask him to step in and he's happy to do that. However it means that he has to cancel his own plans.
In April a judge ordered her to produce her work schedule. She didn't. However my brother texted her to say they would have to ask her employers for her work schedule.....
This has been taken as a threat and he had to go to the police station yesterday.
Can this be looked at in context?
Hi, thanks for your question. I am a qualified solicitor.
What are the police doing regarding this and what is the allegation she has made to the police?
The police will definitely look at the full facts of the case - so if there are previous or on-going family law proceedings your brother needs to make them aware of this.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My brother attended the police station and explained the context. It's been a difficult acrimonious divorce. The policeman explained that the text constitutes harassment and he can be charged and if she makes more allegations its 6 months in jail. He is a law abiding citizen with a clean record. Today she has texted him saying he's been harassing her family.he has only responded to texts they have sent. None of his texts are abusive. He has just explained that he has moved on with his life. She h
Has threatened him with the police lots of times but nothing was ever brought up in the divorce as there is nothing. She wanted to take the children late at night against the court order and he said they were tired and should stay put. She threatened the police, on my nephews birthday she said she was coming to the house to take them from the party he'd arranged at 7 pm. Rather than have a scene at the house in front of the children he has given way and cancelled the party. She has also intercepted his texts and cut and pasted them and forwarded them to some 'girl' friends of his. She moved out of the house and the decree absolut is through I think. He's trying to get on with his life but constantly undermined. Today having not slept for 2 nights he is fear for his future. I fear for him too he's mentally exhausted.
Thanks for the further information.
Given that the communications between them seem so acrimonious, there is no reason for him to communicate with her except for purposes of confirming the arrangements for the children. Is there no independent third party that can assist with this? Your brother should keep a clear record of all communications and it would be in his interest to limit these to written messages which can later be evidenced if necessary.
Furthermore, if she is not complying or attempting to breach the court order, your brother may wish to return the matter to court to enforce the order - or if the arrangements no longer work for a variation.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes that makes sense but what about the situation with the police? Does he have rights? Should he have had a sollicitor with him? Can he go to jail for this ? What third party can he have?
Yes, if he has to attend the police station he should ask a solicitor to attend with him.
He would only be looking at imprisonment in extremely serious harassment issues. From what you have said I do not think it will go that far. If she does make further allegations in the future which would make him liable to be arrested he should have evidence to support that his only communications have been in relation to arrangements for the children - and the best way to demonstrate that is if he only uses text/email messages and ignore any other issues that she may raise so she does not try to bait him to "harass" her
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you that's reassuring.
Just one last thing...can u confirm the amount I have paid.Is it £47 and £50
Sorry, I don't have access to that information. If you check your accounts page, or email customer services they will be able to clarify.