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I am a landlord who assigned my property to letting agent

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Hi, I am a landlord who assigned my property to letting agent Charles Hunter. In 2014 Nov , under the advice of Charles Hunter director , I transferred the property to Martin&Co as letting agent after Charles Hunter stopped operation. After a year , I was advice to transferred back my property to Charles Hunter as advice by the same director. We completed all the documents and the transfer was done.
Now , a month after the transfer , i received a letter from Martin&Co who accuse Charles Hunter of pinching their client .
My tenant is now confuse on who she should pay the rental . MArtin&Co and Charles Hunter are not in good terms and i am confuse how do we proceed from here. Please help.
Thank you for your question.
You are the owner and landlord so it for you to dictate who is to look after the property for you and collect the rent on your behalf. Choose who you want and make sure the tenant knows. It appears that you have been messed around by this director. It is you who has to make the decision here perhaps in the light of with whom you are currently contracted.
Happy to discuss.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There is another issue. I have chosen Charles Hunter. However , Martin & Co had accused Charles of pinching his client. Therefore , Martin & Co might go to court in this case. How will this affect my rental collection as the tenant is holding back the rent to Charles Hunter. She is afraid the rental might not reach me as Martin & Co might impose a caviat on Charles Hunter to dispurse the rent to the lanloard. Please let me know what are my rights in this situation. Thanks
Until that happens the tenant should pay the rent as directed by you. That can be to the agent or perhaps directly to you with you paying the agents' commission.