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I worked National Coal Board (NCB) from 1973 to 1980

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I worked for the National Coal Board (NCB) from 1973 to 1980 and contributed to the mineworkers pension scheme (MWPS). When I left I was informed by the payroll department that if I did not have my contributions back then I would lose the money I had put into the scheme. Being a young man of 23 at the time and not knowing anything about pensions etc.. I had the contributions returned. I have since been informed that this was the wrong thing to do and the advice/information I was given was incorrect and I could have left the contributions in the scheme to then draw a pension (all be it small) from the mineworkers scheme at the right time. In light of this I contacted the MWPS and they stated that I did not have a pension with them. Which is correct, as they had returned my contributions in 1980. My point is that I was incorrectly advised/informed by the NCB and that I should be compensated for this incorrect advise/information resulting in the loss of a pension. Do I have a case !
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. When did you first realise the advise you were given on the matter was incorrect?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was a few years ago I would say about ten. Whilst talking to a friend. As o say I contacted the service to no avail. Other events in my life took over then and it got placed on the to do list
Hi I'm afraid that I do not think there is any merit in pursuing a claim in these circumstances. In the event that you were told something that is incorrect and you relied on that information there is potentially a claim of negligence against the body who made the incorrect statement. However there are strict time limits for bringing such claims. In the case that you describe the limitation period would be 6 years from the date on which you became aware of the fact that you were incorrectly advised.
I am really sorry that this was not the answer you were looking for but it would be wrong of me to give you false hope.
If you have any further questions please do ask. If I have answered your question I would be grateful if you would take the time to rate my answer. Thank you and all the best.
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